New WWE Contracts

This may be totally fake but given we know guys are starting to sign new deals, here’s a look at what speculates money is.

Brock Lesnar: Re-Signed a 12 month licensing and image rights contract for $500,000 plus $100,000 per appearance, $500,000 per PPV and $1.5 million per Saudi show. Expires May 2020. :eyes:

So if he appears on both Raw and Smackdown every week he earns $11 million + PPV. Guess we won’t be seeing him a ton.

If he appears on Raw, SD, and a PPV in the same week: $700,000.
Not sure the $11mil number calculation

Ohhhh every week:

52wks a year @ $200k = $10.4mil
12 ppvs: 6mil
2 Saudi shows = 3 mil
Plus base $500k

Hypothetically he could make $20mil if he was on every show.

Yup I just did the 2 shows and his $500k bonus.

Needless to say he will continue being a rare appearance

Brock is the best pro wrestler ever…negotiated the greatest contract against the most shrewd promoters in their respective fields…this is better than the BS Hogan contract in WCW that people actually thought was real a few years ago.


On the other hand. Nakamura apparently doesn’t understand negotiations.


I don’t know if the numbers are real or not but i know i’d be more likely to believe them if the website didn’t look it had been designed in 1998 using MS Frontpage.


I don’t know, for the amount that Nakamura works I’d say he did ok.

Oh I totally don’t think it’s a credible site but we do know most those guys signed new deals. So it’s interesting fodder. And they can’t be too far off.