Next Smackdown GM?

With Daniel Bryan returning to the ring , was wondering if he’ll be replaced as Smackdown GM after Wrestlemania. WWE also recently posted a youtube video of Jeff Jarrett reuniting with guys backstage at last night’s SD. Could be some interesting matchups in the future if he’s the new GM like a potential WWE vs TNA type match at Survivor Series if the rosters are placed in certain way after the next superstar shake-up:

Team Raw- Triple H, Roman, Braun, Cena, Rollins vs Team SD- Jarrett, Styles, Roode, Joe, Lashley?

Do you think Jeff Jarrett could be the next GM of Smackdown? if not, who would you guys like to see be the next GM?

I also see that role being filled by Jeff Jarrett, I also think this is a way for them to have Bryan/Shane win at WM only to have Jarrett become the GM and then turn heel and bring back Owens and Sammie.


It will never happen, but there is one guy I’ve always wanted to see on WWE TV…Vince Russo. Say what you will about him, but he’s a great on screen character. I think he’d be amazing in the GM role.

Jarrett would be interesting too. I think it needs to be someone different and it needs to be a heel. We’ve had a face GM on Raw and SD for too long now.


Wouldn’t mind seeing Vince Russo either. He would get soo much heat from fans

I prefer the Jarrett option but I’m a big Jarrett fan. The idea of him making matches while always holding a guitar amuses me to no end.

Please no. I’d rather have Road Dogg, Mark Henry in the salmon suit, or Ivory. Last thing I want to see on Smackdown is a Lethal Lockdown match or Jarrett as WWE champion.

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Kurt angle will be “fired” and moved to smackdown, I can see Paige as the new raw gm

He’d be a fake WWE GM, not suddenly the owner of WWE and be able to do whatever he wants.

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I would stop watching WWE so fast and not return as long as Russo was on or involved on screen

I’d be down for a Russo return. I also wouldn’t mind him in a very limited creative role as long as he’s filtered. The guy has had some real shitty ideas, but he knows how to create new stars from the ground up which is something WWE has sucked at recently.

Like Brother Nate and Brother Mann have highlighted, Russo is a pretty solid on screen character you just need to keep him away from the behind the scenes.

As a long time Jarrett fan, I’d be happy with this. I definitely want him holding the guitar when making announcements, as a heel

If his character was kept the same as on 205 Live I’d actually quite like to see Drake Maverick in the role. It almost certainly won’t happen but I like having a no-nonsense GM who just wants his show to be the best and isn’t on screen too often.

I do think it’ll be Jarrett though.