NFTs in music and media

Anyone heard about these things?

Pretty wild if you ask me:

I learned about NFTs the other day and it just made me confused. Buying ‘feelings’ and ‘moments’ is a concept beyond anything I have an interest in.

But on the other hand, good for the artists. If they can make bank thru this, more power to them.

It’s out for the NBA. It’s been up and down

Looks like it’s artists who are already huge who have the team and infrastructure for this. Millionaires raking in more millions

Funny I saw this topic here now, since I was just reading about this on the Beeb and the Ceeb.

I think @Professor is right, in that it’s good for artists to have another revenue stream available when the cyber world has ravaged the arts for a fair few years now.

These NFT, think of it as a a strictly digital collectible, with different features and properties. Sure, they’re little more than "1"s and "0"s but it’s everything surrounding this product that you’re paying for. If you think of their physical counterparts, say sports cards, well what are they other than a picture and words on cardboard? Yet people will pay small (or large) fortunes for them. It’s the significance these items offer. It’s the feeling. It’s the experience and the moment that these cards and comics and coins and texts represent. But instead of a sheet of paper you can hang in the wall, it’s a… thing which can only be viewed on a phone or tablet or some form of computer. And instead of a stationary image, it could be a video or animation, something lively and maybe interactive. So that’s a different element to these NFT.

And as for no value or questionable value: if many, many others place value on it and assign a monetary number to it, then that is the value. Right or wrong, if people are willing to hand over actual money or some agreed on store of value, then the item in question has value. Seems these NFT have great worth, judging from these articles I posted.