Niagara Comic Con

Went to NFCC last weekend and saw some of the wrestling panels.
The Big Show was entertaining, and he really holds “backstage etiquette” and “respect for the people who came before” you in high regard. Pretty funny overall.
Flair cancelled his panel, apparently due to illness. But at the time his panel was supposed to take place he was making that money with pictures and autographs. Not sure how ill he was.
Missed Lita and Trish in favour of Micheal Rookers panel.
Beefcake and Valentine were the last ones I saw. They came out to a good ovation. Problem was, they were so slow to get to the stage that the applause died down to nothing and we were left with uncomfortable silence as they slowly made their way to their seats.
I asked a question to Beefcake. Neither guys had much energy. Both seemed so worn. It was kinda sad. Valentine telling us how good he feels. That he tore his ACL about 5 years ago but is doing great. That slow walk said otherwise.
I went over to where they were doing photos after that but missed them. Did see a half a bottle of red wine between the two seats tho.

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