Nick Aldis & Tim Storm teaming up, Rae vs. Frost announced for 10/5 NWA Powerrr

Originally published at Aldis & Storm teaming up, Rae vs. Frost announced for 10/5 NWA Powerrr

NWA Powerrr’s card rolled out for the 10/5 episode.

The next episode of NWA Powerrr is airing on FITE on 10/5. There were a multitude of announcements made for tomorrow’s show and on that program, two former NWA Worlds Heavyweight Champions in Nick Aldis and Tim Storm are teaming up to take on Chris Adonis and Thom Latimer of Strictly Business.

Former NWA World Tag Team Champions J.R. Kratos and Aron Stevens are appearing on the show to speak about the forthcoming tag tournament. There is going to be a Lucha Scramble match which will see Marshe Rockett and Slice Boogie share the ring with The Illbegotten and current NWA World Tag Team Champions Bestia 666 and Mecha Wolf.

There is going to be a segment with Mims and Sal Rinauro along Luke and PJ Hawx speaking about the aforementioned tag tournament.

Judias is going one-on-one with James Storm, NWA World Women’s Champion Kamille is set to respond to Melina. Also, Kylie Rae is taking on Lady Frost in singles competition.

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NWA’s weekly program is covered here on POST Wrestling by way of the Shot In The Dark show which can be found at this link.

I view myself as a pretty die-hard NWA viewer - I’ve watched all of the PPVs and episodes since the Powerrr launch - but this wave of episodes after the Empower/73 PPVs has been a slog.

Sometimes there’s a crowd, sometimes there isn’t. Matches seem to happen at random for no reason and with no consequence; not necessarily a problem in a pure sports-type presentation, but NWA ain’t that, and the turnover of talent has left the in-ring product quite depleted. Promos are cut seemingly without connection to matches. The jumbled shooting vs airing schedule has muddled the execution of things - a recent angle in which Aldis had to keep his stablemates from fighting Tim Storm was greeted with confusion and “We want wrestling” chants from the small crowd that was there. I like Trevor Murdoch as a blue-collar champ but he has no interesting challengers on the horizon. God bless May Valentine, she’s trying, but she just cannot run an interview. Even with James Mitchell in his corner Judias (formerly Impact’s Murphy) is a complete non-entity. The current tag tournament feels completely tossed together without any oomph.

…And Tyrus. Oh my god, Tyrus. There is so much Tyrus on this program, people, and he seems to be about as interested in being there as I am in seeing him. Outside of Muta’s NOAH run, I can’t think of any other prominently featured wrestler in any current company of note so clearly incapable of meeting the physical minimum that’s being asked of him.

The rise of Jennacide (before she likely jumps to Impact or somewhere else) and the slow burn of Scion the masked man (Robert Anthony) are a couple of the few positives, and the fracturing of Risky Business is of some interest, but things move at such a glacial pace and without oomph on the current NWA product that it’s difficult to get all that invested.

…Sorry for the rant. I’m pretty sure @cnoevil and myself are about the only ones here still watching the show, but I needed to get that off my chest.