Nick Gage Invitational 7: Nine people vie for the crown in Illinois

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Nick Gage Invitational 7

Saturday, November 12, 2022, Summit Park District, IL

First Round:

First Round: Alex Colon vs. Sawyer Wreck vs. Hunter Freeman 

The match opened with Hunter Freeman busting a giant bundle of tubes over the head of Alex Colon, Wreck and Freeman traded bundle shots. Colon sent Freeman to the floor and took him out with a tube-assisted tope, Colon used the ends of the broken tube to carve away at the heads of his opponents. Colon took Wreck off of her feet with a tornado DDT, Freeman took out Colon with a tope but before he could capitalize Sawyer Wreck hit him with a bundle of tubes. Freeman set up a barbed wire door in the corner and Colon tripped up Freeman with a drop-toe hold into a chair, Sawyer Wreck locked Alex Colon in the Gory Special and Freeman in a Boston Crab at the same time, a very impressive spot. Sawyer Wreck brought in a cut can board and a tree slammed Freeman onto it, Colon threw Sawyer out of the ring and attempted to steal the pinfall. Freeman put Wreck through a barbed wire door with a running powerslam, all three competitors traded tubes, chops, and strikes in the center of the ring. Freeman was on the top rope and Colon caught him with a Spanish Fly and pinned him to advance. 

Alex Colon Defeated Sawyer Wreck and Hunter Freeman and advanced to the Semifinals 

First Round: Ciclope vs. Sakuda 

 The match started with the two trading holds and evasion which led to a stalemate. Sakuda gave Ciclope an arm drag but Ciclope responded with a bundle of tubes to his head; Ciclope hit Sakuda over the head with a thumbtack bat which gave him time to set up a double door bridge on the floor. Back inside the ring, Sakuda sent Ciclope up in the corner and hit him with a tube-assisted back elbow followed by a tube-assisted dropkick. Sakuda grabbed some skewers but Cilope got control of them and he stuck them into the cheek of Sakuda. After a couple of spots, Sakuda finally took the skewers out of his cheek and climbed to the top rope, where he attempted to do something but Ciclope caught him with a superplex onto an open chair. Both men got back up to their feet and Sakuda hit Ciclope with a dragon suplex followed by a second rope destroyer for a two count. Sakuda grabbed his metallic skewers and Ciclope grabbed a wooden pair and they dueled in the center of the ring with Ciclope losing the battle and receiving a skewer through the mouth, Ciclope sold it for a little bit before he dumped over the top rope through the double door bridge on the floor. Ciclope asked for two chairs and set up a glass pane bridge in the corner, Ciclope attempted a back suplex but Sakuda responded with a sliced bread which sent Ciclope crashing through the glass. Sakuda placed a bundle of loose tubes on top of Ciclope and hit a senton, Ciclope no sold it and choked out Sakuda for the victory. 

Ciclope Defeated Sakuda and advanced to the Semifinals 

First Round: Cole Radrick vs. Miedo Extremo

They began with some impressive chain wrestling before they got into ultraviolence. Cole Radrick sent Miedo to the floor and started to hit him over the head with a chair. Miedo was placed on the chair, Cole attempted a Cannonball but Miedo muscled him up and hit him with a border toss on the apron. Cole kicked a bundle of tubes out of the hands of Miedo and hit two lionsaults for a close nearfall; Cole followed that up with a tube to Miedo’s head an air raid crash and set up a double door bridge on the floor. Miedo crotched Cole on the top rope threw Cole off the top rope through the pane of glass, then threw him over the top rope through the doors on the floor. Miedo superplexed Cole back into the ring but Cole popped right back up and hit Miedo with a fire thunder driver onto a pile of broken glass for a two count. Miedo responded with a series of german suplexes and attempted to break a tube over Cole; Cole gained control and broke it over the mouth of Miedo and hit him with the Lil Sebastians Curse. Miedo kicked out at 1 but Cole responded with a roll-up for the victory. 

Cole Radrick Defeated Miedo Extremo and advanced to the Semifinals 

First Round: Big F’n Joe vs. John Wayne Murdoch 

Murdoch offered his head to Joe who hit him with a bundle of tubes, Murdoch responded with a bundle of tubes to Joe’s knees and shins. Joe got back up to his feet and hit Murdoch with a DDT, he grabbed two hangers and put them in John Wayne Murdoch’s mouth then broke a giant bundle over Murdoch’s back. Murdoch hit Joe with a tree branch a couple of times but Joe again hit Murdoch with a DDT on the floor. Big Joe brought in a cardboard cut of The Rock that had a couple of tubes on it and gave Murdoch a rock bottom; he set Murdoch back up in the corner and placed a giant bundle on his chest and hit a Cannonball which shattered the tubes over Murdoch. Murdoch took Joe’s shoes off and gave him an atomic drop which caused Joe to land feet first onto a bundle of tubes. Murdoch then suplexed Joe into another giant bundle of tubes that were set up in the corner and pinned him to advance to the Semifinals. 

John Wayne Murdoch Defeated Big F’n Joe to advance to the Semifinals 

Semifinals: Ciclope vs. Alex Colon 

The two men circled each other with light tubes in hand, they swung wildly before they finally connected. The match went to the floor where Colon continued his assault by carving up Ciclope’s head with a broken tube and slamming his throat onto the back of a chair. Ciclope responded by suplexing Colon onto an open chair. Colon hit his signature tube-assisted tope, then went back into the ring and Ciclope caught him with a dropkick which broke a bundle across Colon’s chest; Ciclope then suplexed Colon head first through a pane of glass, Ciclope tried to hit him over the head with a tube but Colon blocked it and hit him with a tube-assisted stunner for a two count. Colon grabbed some skewers but Ciclope was able to gain control of them and hammered them into Colon’s head, Colon did the same to Ciclope. Ciclope caught Colon with a powerbomb and then placed a couple of loose tubes in the center of the ring and curb-stomped Colon’s head into them. Ciclope set up a pane of glass in the center of the ring and placed Colon on the top rope but Colon reversed it and sent Ciclope through the glass with a DDT. Colon hit Ciclope with a couple more tubes and locked in the camel clutch for the victory. 

Alex Colon Defeated Ciclope to advance to the Finals 

Semifinals: John Wayne Murdoch vs. Cole Radrick 

Murdoch and Cole started throwing fists, Cole hit Murdoch with a powerbomb and attempted a top rope double stomp but Murdoch moved out of the way and hit Cole over the head with a bundle of tubes. Murdoch headbutted a bundle of tubes into Cole’s head and started to carve away at his forehead with the jagged edges of the tubes. Murdoch then took a nerf gun and shot some darts tipped with tacks into the arms and back of Cole Radrick, Cole responded with a tree slam that sent Murdoch crashing through a bundle of tubes. Both men exchanged tube shots in the center of the ring, Murdoch got a bad cut on his shoulder that had to be taped up. Cole used this to his advantage and broke a bundle over Murdoch’s head, then hit a tube-assisted top rope double stomp for a near fall. The two men battled on the top rope and Murdoch connected with the Deep South Destroyer to win the match. 

John Wayne Murdoch Defeated Cole Radrick to advance to the Finals

Non-Tournament Scramble Match: Jimmy Lloyd vs. Alec Price vs. Nick Wayne vs. Jordan Oliver vs. Blake Christian 

Alec Price and Jordan Oliver paired off with Jordan Oliver getting the better of the exchange, this led Blake Christian to come back in and stop Oliver’s momentum. Christian hit a standing moonsault but his pin attempt was broken up by Jimmy Lloyd, Lloyd slammed Christian down with an STO followed by an Arabian press for a near fall. Oliver and Wayne teamed up to take out Alec Price and Blake Christian but Christian was too quick and was able to take out both men with his high-flying offense. Christian connected with a big knee strike followed by a German suplex to Alec Price, Price was able to roll away before Christian was able to make a cover. Oliver went for the acid kick and caught Christian out of mid-air with a side slam. Wayne and Christian traded superkicks, Wayne bailed to the floor and was hit with a Fosbury Flop then a piledriver from Christian. Jordan Oliver leveled Jimmy Lloyd with an Acid Kick for the victory. 

Jordan Oliver win the Scramble Match

Finals: John Wayne Murdoch vs. Alex Colon 

Colon sent Murdoch back first into the tubes twice before he dumped him out of the ring onto a door bridge. Murdoch’s laceration from the prior match is still causing him issues which was a perfect target for Alex Colon. Colon unloaded on Murdoch with a baseball bat covered in bottle caps, Colon then grabbed a thumbtack bat and hit Murdoch in the back and shoulders. Colon then started to pull the wound open before he broke a bundle across the back of John Wayne Murdoch, Murdoch fired back up and hit Colon over the head with a couple of tubes but Colon no sold them. They traded fists in the center of the ring, Murdoch took Colon off of his feet with a Dusty Elbow followed by an attempted tube strike, Colon blocked it and hit a tube-assisted stunner followed by two half-and-half suplexes but he was still unable to win the match. They started exchanging tube shots in the center of the ring, Colon got hit in the head with a light tube fan followed by a brainbuster for a two count. In the corner, Murdoch set up a pane of glass with tubes on it, they battled on the top rope until Murdoch came off the top rope with a Deep South Destroyer followed by a choke hold for the submission victory.

John Wayne Murdoch Defeated Alex Colon to win the Nick Gage Invitational 7