Nick Jackson reveals that he had COVID in September

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AEW Co-Executive Vice President and World Tag Team Champion Nick Jackson took to his Instagram story to address COVID-19 deniers. Nick shared that he had a “pretty bad” case of COVID in September that kept him in bed for several weeks. He added that he couldn’t taste or smell for almost three months and along with that, he broke out in hives and his doctor confirmed that the hives came by way of COVID.

Here’s what Nick wrote in full:

Crazy to think there’s still COVID deniers out there in the world. I had a pretty bad case of COVID in early September that kept me bed ridden for nearly 3 weeks. I couldn’t taste or smell for 2 and a half months. At one point my whole body had hives on it and my doctor said it was definitely from COVID. Matt had to do the majority of the work in matches once I returned safely because I couldn’t catch my breath. My cardio is finally back but it took months to finally feel like myself again. Let’s protect each other and wear mask.

This past September, Nick wrestled on the 9/2 episode of Dynamite and he and Matt took on Jurassic Express at the All Out pay-per-view. Nick didn’t return to in-ring competition until late October to set up The Young Bucks vs. FTR (Dax Harwood & Cash Wheeler) match at Full Gear.

Matt and Nick have been reigning as AEW World Tag Team Champions for several months and their latest defense was a success as they defeated the duo of Max Caster and Anthony Bowens.

Good thing he was at least symptomatic. Some asymptomatic people with COVID just keel over after exercise because there’s already been damage to their heart.

Very lucky (a relative term) for him, his family, and AEW that he was symptomatic. I know some people who were asymptomatic that caused an outbreak in their place of work – places with social distancing and mask protocols, and little to no grappling with their co-workers.

It really highlights that, despite all of the precautions in the world, luck is still a major factor in all of this. Pretty much anybody who leaves the house – even with a mask and all that – is at risk to bring Covid into their “bubble” before they even have so much as a cough.

Which is why the vaccine is necessary in combination with all other measures if we want to eventually get this under control. It’s not as simple as stay away from the sick sadly


Maybe I’m wrong about it, but it does bother me a bit that AEW has stopped being transparent about who’s out due to contact or straight up COVID. When Moxley, QT and Archer had to be taken out due to contact, AEW was very open. But they subbed a match for next week’s show due to Thunder Rosa being in contact with someone and there wasn’t even an explanation for the change. Something WWE routinely does even if it isn’t because of COVID. Now we learn Nick Jackson was out with it for that odd spell where they had basically a stunt double for him to do Superkicks like they did for Power Rangers years ago, pretending he’s there when he’s not or its someone else.

On the other hand, I do get that they don’t have to disclose who has the illness or who has been in contact, which is within their rights. But its feeling like they took a very sharp turn away from that transparency.

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I’m curious why you think they took a sharp turn, instead of the fact that QT and Archer, I’m pretty sure both announced it first and the Moxley stuff was well known, because of Renee.

Nick Jackson wasn’t. Therefore it wasn’t discussed.

That’s the thing. They used to be so open about it. Now they’re not. They wait until after the fact to disclose it. Again, I’m not saying they have to but it feels like a change of mind about it from the wrestlers in general.

Thats their business, if they want to reveal it at all. AEW isnt going to say anything, if a performer doesnt announce it and if the performer doesnt want to announce it, that is up to them. Everyone is different. Some people are comfortable putting anything out there, others are more reserved. It really isnt any of our business at all, who deals with what, unless we’re directly at risk.

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Those were my thoughts too. They’ve been very transparent about people who were exposed to Covid but on this occasion, nothing was said. I get that Nick might have wanted his privacy but it still feels weird.

Also, I don’t understand how they were sure that no one else on the roster could have been exposed. I’d at least like them to make a statement about that.

Yeah, I’ll mimic what I said before that WWE PPV where a bunch of performers had to be pulled and they weren’t being immediately clear on if they had COVID or not - ultimately it’s up to the performers if they want to share or not. I think the limits to what is expected of them is to share with the company and share with anyone they came into contact with. But is this a public concern? No. At most it’s something that needs to be addressed in story. I think we need to get past the gotcha stage of COVID positives and just hope the companies are taking the precautions to make sure it doesn’t spread.

Are there going to be some exceptions? Sure. It’s hard to explain your champions being off TV suddenly. That’s why Moxley and McIntyre had to address it. But if people want to keep their privacy and it can be done, I’m all for it.

He’s not the only one. If you listen to an interview I did today you will learn of another high profile star that for it from Nick

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