Nick Jackson vs. Rey Fenix added to AEW Dynamite next week

Originally published at Nick Jackson vs. Rey Fenix added to AEW Dynamite next week

All Elite Wrestling has added a big singles match for Wednesday’s edition of Dynamite from Indianapolis, Indiana as Nick Jackson will take on Rey Fenix.

The match was set up by a promo from Jackson, noting that Matt Jackson has not been cleared in the storyline following the attack by Santana & Ortiz this past week.

Jackson noted in the video that it will be his first singles match in 4 ½ years, which would have been during the Best of the Super Juniors tournament in 2015 for New Japan.

The updated card for next Wednesday’s show in Indianapolis, Indiana features:
*Nick Jackson vs. Rey Fenix
*Jon Moxley vs. Darby Allin
*Santana & Ortiz vs. Private Party
*12-person Dynamite Dozen Battle Royal

With @MattJackson13 injured from the attack by @Santana_Proud & @Ortiz_Powerful, @NickJacksonYB will compete in a #DreamMatch this coming Wednesday, November 20th LIVE from Indianapolis on #AEWDynamite as he takes on @ReyFenixMX

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— All Elite Wrestling (@AEWrestling) November 16, 2019

Obviously AEW needs to focus more on their women’s division and I agreed with what Andrew said on the Hangout about improving it but I saw John’s tweet about this match earlier and there is such a rush to attack AEW for not doing something, I saw someone mention that for such a woke company (Which at this point saying Woke is being patronizing) The first episode of Dynamite had no African American performers and after week 7 Scorpio Sky pinned the champion. Can you please just give them a second


I have a few issues with their women’s division.
1.) they need to invest in gear (for everyone honestly) so of their women’s gear looks super cheap.
2.) when your women are weaker don’t continuously put them in long multi-person tag matches. Put them in short singles matches, and make sure those matches are decently worked and clean.
3.) They have brought in some new women on dark for matches. Why did they not bring these women in earlier, because some of them are much better workers than who they have featured.

As for number 3, I assume existing contracts had to expire. Also, Visa issues could play into why the entire roster wasn’t debuted at once

If they don’t add Britt Baker as a surprise 13th entrant in the battle royal…

But about the match…

This has the potential to be the best match on Dynamite since it debuted.

Has AEW talked about what this diamond ring means for the person who wins it? Is it akin to King of the Ring, where its just for bragging rights? Does it mean the person gets a title shot?

I know John and Wai aligned it with some angle in WCW but I guess I didn’t watch as much WCW as I thought I did back in the day because I have no memory of this.

That match will be incredible. As much as I love the Lucha Bros, I think the real money is having Fenix and Pentagon as singles.

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Fenix is incredible. Easily top 5 worker in the world

Not sure if it’s possible to be “subtle” with the amount of scrutiny that fans put on the wrestling they follow, but it would be interesting to have Nick Jackson slowly get to 6-0 or so in singles over the next year or so, then pop up as a contender for the world title. Even if it’s just an interim program between major events.


This is actually a really good idea for any tag team and it would be a shame if they didnt do something like this.

To be honest, I’m not familiar enough with their roster to know if Nick is the best option for this. But the angle feels like a no-brainer to do with a primary tag team wrestler at some point.