Nick Khan confirms Kevin Dunn's departure in company memo

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An email was issued internally at WWE confirming the departure of Kevin Dunn.

It was reported on Saturday by Mike Johnson at that Dunn was leaving the company and his role as Executive Producer and chief of Global Television Distribution.

On Monday, the following memo was circulated internally and posted by from company president Nick Khan alerting staff of Dunn’s departure, effective today:

After 40+ years of helping to build WWE and, hands down, the best production and media unit in the entire sports and entertainment business, Kevin Dunn, will be leaving our company as of today.

Before WrestleMania 1, Kevin joined Vince at WWF. Many of us remember a pre-WrestleMania WWF – a regional wrestling company that looked like a regional wrestling company. Then we experienced WrestleMania 1, whether live, on closed circuit or years later elsewhere. It was magic. A regional wrestling company had become a global sports entertainment juggernaut. Vince led the way, side by side with Kevin Dunn. When many of us were kids standing in line waiting to play Pac-Man, Kevin was already on the road breaking his back to help build our company.

When you see our product now, there is nothing that comes close to its look or feel – 52 weeks a year, three to four times a week. It is singular and truly special. No other company can or will do that, and that is because of Kevin and our media team’s hard work, smarts and determination.

We are forever grateful to Kevin. He will always be a part of the WWE family.

No best wishes in his future endeavours?? How callous.

Kevin Dunn is probably one of the few people that everyone (fans, talent etc) seem to hate. Unlike Cornette he’s not polarizing. It’s just hate

His mistakes and flaws are blatant. Like missing AJ‘s arrival in the Rumble or Edge’s first spear in a decade in a different Rumble, or the million camera cuts that have become a running joke (and for good reason).

His contributions are more subtle. The closeup of Austin’s bloody face at Mania 13. The iconic shot of HBK jumping off the ladder. Not to mention all of the entrances that are shot the same way every time, so NBA and NFL players (and all of us as teenagers) can replicate them. Kevin Dunn was a huge part of that too.

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To be fair, for someone who’s had a 40 year career at a company, for us to be able to name a handful of blatant mistakes is actually not bad. Just for one person to be there at the same company for 40 years is something to be respected.

Having said that, I’m not his biggest fan and I wish he left earlier. Time for a fresh direction.

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I’m sure the guy did some great things, WWE production has always been the best in the business.

With all that said, he did something that drive me nuts (shaky cam, constant camera cuts etc.) and from what I remember he does have a reputation of sabotaging wrestlers careers if he doesn’t like them.

Its time, and I am happy to see things going in a different direction.