Nielsen Plans Major TV Ratings Revamp By 2024 To Reflect Streaming’s Impact

According to Deadspin Nielsen is planning to replace its current TV ratings system with a new one by 2024 that further integrates digital and streaming activity.

The company aims to start rolling out the new setup, called Nielsen ONE, by the end of 2022 and then make it the dominant currency by fall 2024. In a press release, Nielsen said the goal is to offer stakeholders in ad-supported media “a single, deduplicated view of their audiences across all platforms and mediums.”

In order to make the shift official, though, Nielsen will need to get buy-in from programmers, tech companies and advertisers. In recent years, efforts to update the ratings systems have occasionally met with resistance.

Interesting, since these are typically for advertisers I wonder if it will only include streaming with ads as that is the only viewing that would really attend in that case.