Nigel McGuinness recounts memories with Bryan Danielson, Bryan texting him after WWE Title win

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McGuinness chats Danielson. 

Joining Aubrey Edwards and Will Washington on the newest episode of AEW Unrestricted was AEW Collision commentator and former ROH World Champion Nigel McGuinness. 

As the conversation moved along, McGuinness began to speak about Bryan Danielson and their history. Nigel told a story from early in his Ring of Honor run when he ran into Danielson and asked what he needed to do to be a top guy. 

I remember talking to Bryan Danielson one time earlier on (in ROH) and I said, ‘You’re one of the top guys here. What do I gotta do to get to that level?’ And he said, ‘I don’t know’ and he just walked off.

McGuinness dove into the self-produced documentary he put out which was to mark the end of his in-ring career. He stated that the day after he had a breakdown in his car, Danielson won the WWE Title for the first time. 

Bryan texted Nigel that same day and told him he wishes Nigel was with him and is sorry he is not able to be there. 

At the end of it, right at the end of it (my self-produced documentary), I have a breakdown in the car. I just lose the plot. I’m like, ‘Why me?’ And, ‘This isn’t fair and I deserve to get there and I gave up absolutely everything’ and just broke down and then the next day I believe is when Bryan Danielson won the WWE Title for the first time and he texts me that night saying, ‘I just won the title. I wish you were here. I’m sorry that you’re not.’ It wrapped it all up perfectly and then, at that point, not knowing what I was gonna do, I then said, right, you know what? I’ll put it on Kickstarter and this was the early days of Kickstarter before everybody was on there.

Danielson is sidelined after suffering a broken forearm at AEW x NJPW Forbidden Door II. He underwent successful surgery. McGuinness has stated on several occasions that for him to come out of retirement, All In at Wembley Stadium against Danielson would be his ideal scenario. 

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