Nikki & Brie Bella depart WWE

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Nikki and Brie are leaving WWE. 

Through their social media platforms, The Bella Twins (Nikki & Brie Bella) announced that they are going to be rebranding themselves as the Garcia Twins. Garcia is their birth last name. published a story on their site and independently confirmed that the WWE Hall of Famers are exiting WWE. The site noted that on an episode of their Sirius XM show, Nikki said they knew it was time to move on when it came time to renew their deals.

Hi I’m Nikki Garcia, Hi I’m Brie Garcia. And we’re the Garcia Twins. 👯‍♀️ Welcome to our next chapter! 🦋✨🤍✨🦄🤩🥳🫶🏼🫶🏼🍷🥂🍾

— Nikki & Brie (@NikkiAndBrie) March 14, 2023

Nikki and Brie first joined WWE in 2007. Both last wrestled as a part of the 2022 women’s Royal Rumble match

Between them, they’ve won the WWE Divas Championship three times. 

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They knew it was time to move on when WWE realised their value in the marketplace had diminished and offered them considerably less money.

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They will always be connected with WWE. I wouldn’t be surprised if they get put in the HoF sometime in the next couple of years.

But they have also been critical of WWE recently as well. I think it will be interesting to see what they now are able to share and discuss about the industry that they couldn’t before. Is John Laurinaitias still their father-in-law? I’m sure they must have something to say about the stories he was involved in last year.

Weren’t they inducted back in 2020?


Oh yeah! Lol. The class of 2020 kind of gets lost in the shuffle because of COVID cancelling that WrestleMania.

I didn’t even realize they were still in WWE lol.


AEW is up next! Jk

Oh I wouldn’t be surprised at all. Bries husband is there and Tony loves bringing in ex WWE stars.

Thankfully the entire Bellas era falls within my 20 year wrestling blind spot. Best memory I have of them is when the one was attending the HOF induction of Vader and apparently didn’t realize he had passed away. That was unintentional comedy done right.

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What’s Brie the Beauty doing here at Daily’s Place?

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You can see it can’t you. Leaders of the “freelancers” or whatever they’re called.

Tony will make Nikki Bella beat Jade to end the streak.

Y’all forget that Nikki turned into a pretty good wrestler after her neck injury.


Nikki is very underrated. I think because of bries shortcomings, Nikki gets a bad wrap.

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“We’ve just always wanted to bleed and now we can,” - Nikki Bella (after blading during a match on Dark vs Skye Blue)


I don’t forget that at all but she’s retired from the ring. What use does the WWE have for her in her current reality star role?

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Nikki was better than Brie. Brie was a disaster. Remember when he kicked someone (maybe Liv?) unconscious? And botched going through the ropes on a dive like 5 times?

However at this stage of their careers there is no need for either to be wrestling on a consistent basis.

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They were the “top divas” for the switch to PG and the switch to actually caring about women’s wrestling. So basically, the two worst times to be a “diva” (in the 1990s-2000s sense of the term).

Good for them for getting paid in the wrestling business for so long.

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Ya it was Liv, that was brutal.

For anyone who can’t remember a good Nikki match, watch the AJ Lee vs Nikki Bella match from Raw. It was an awesome match.

She’d more likely be Brie Danielson.