Nina Samuels taking time off due to injury

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Samuels’ recovery is taking longer than expected. 

At the start of April, Nina Samuels suffered an injury. She shared on social media that the recovery process is taking longer than expected so she’ll be taking time off. 

I got hurt at the start of April and unfortunately recovery is taking longer than I hoped, so I need to take some time off 💔
Wrestlers, please look after each other 🙏
Dearest fans, please buy my merch, new prints added 😘

— Nina Samuels ニナ・サミュエル (@NinaSamuels123) April 20, 2023

Samuels was last in action on April 1st for the BODYSLAM! Pro Wrestling promotion in Denmark. Nina is scheduled to take on Alexxis Falcon in late May for PROGRESS Wrestling.