NJPW and AEW Shows: Do they put out DVDs?

I have a question for you guys: has NJPW or AEW ever release DVDs in the past? I know NJPW has a subscription service, but I would like very much that DVDs are put out by NJPW or AEW on, say, HIghspots or something.

It would do very well for gaining revenue for both companies. I don’t like to order PPVs because it’s inconvenient; I don’t have a credit card any more and, because my credit card’s security was compromised at one time, I would never get a new one.

If I can find DVD copy of, say, the first PPV Double or Nothing, I would certainly buy it.

I think this is one of those incidences where WWE kept me as a loyal patron because at least their big fours have DVDs. Now it’s time that NJPW or AEW puts one out.

What on Earth is a DVD?


Basically, if you watch New Japan Pro Wrestling, it’s the thing that’s inside the case that Toru Yano’s always holding when he’s on his way to the ring. :smiley:

I’d definitely be interested in getting some of AEW’s past events on Blu Ray.

Yeah, Blu Ray, DVD, digital downloads, any form of rewatchable stuff on a tangible medium.

NJPW does, but they are only released in Japan and are, frankly, prohibitively expensive by the standards of DVD costs in North America.

Don’t know why AEW don’t release DVD’S and Blu Rays.

In the UK, during the mid 90’s you could buy every WWF PPV and Compilations yet you couldn’t buy WCW Videos during their hot period. Mind you they did release some at the begining and end of the decade. Go figure.

I would love to own All In on dvd or Blu ray. Only place I can find to watch it on is fite at the extortionate price of 38.99

I still like physical media, but I am well aware that it’s not a top priority. At the very least, B/R Live has been uploading past episodes of Dynamite to watch for free, and replays of their PPVs are still available on there too, yours to keep once you pay for them.


Highspots has both nights of the G1 special in the USA from 2017, plus WK 9, 10, and 11 individually with English commentary so you can watch Nakamura v. Styles over and over!!!

Physical media isnt really a huge priority anymore. That’s a reason why WWE phased out their DVD business over the past year. The last big DVD they released was the Daniel Bryan documentary.

Even the latest game consoles have (cheaper) versions without a physical media drive, i expect they’ll be the only versions next gen. If it weren’t for the backlash Sony and MS would receive they’d have done it already.

If AEW releases anything other than some type of special edition blue rays i’ll be amazed…and in that case it might as well be a VHS tape, because why not? Make it really special like the fabled POST cassette tapes.

Yeah not ringing a bell. I only watch stuff on Netflix and Amazon Prime. Sorry.

So you’re not sarcastic?


So you are sarcastic/trolling.

OK. Off to playing tennis.

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Oh, sweet! I might have to pick those up. I still like having physical copies of movies and PPVs I really enjoy. And hell, if WK9 has the JR/Stryker commentary the bristling between the two of them is a match in and of itself.

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I bought every AEW ppv thus far with the exception of last year’s Full Gear PPV on B/R Live website. Im able to go back and watch the PPVs. I’ll check out the site this week and see whats available. I definitely will buy LY Full Gear to give me complete AEW ppv collection.