NJPW announces key dates for 2020 and moving G1 to the fall

Originally published at https://www.postwrestling.com/2020/01/05/njpw-announces-key-dates-for-2020-and-moving-g1-to-the-fall/

During the second night of Wrestle Kingdom 14, New Japan Pro Wrestling revealed a portion of their 2020 schedule including the confirmation of the G1 Climax moving to the fall.

For the first time in the tournament’s history dating to 1991, the G-1 Climax will be contested in the fall with the final three nights set for October at Sumo Hall. It’s a return to the traditional venue of the final three nights of G1 after moving to Budokan Hall for the past two years.

No announcement was made regarding next year’s plans for Wrestle Kingdom and whether they will attempt back-to-back nights again or revert to one Dome show in January 2021.

The finals for the Best of the Super Juniors will be moving from Sumo Hall to Ota Ward Gymnasium.

Here is the list of shows that were listed during Sunday’s broadcast:

Saturday, February 1st – New Beginning in Hokkaido

Sunday, February 2nd – New Beginning in Hokkaido

Sunday, February 9th – New Beginning in Osaka at Osaka-jo Hall

Wednesday, March 4th – New Japan’s 48th Anniversary card at Ota Ward Gymnasium

Friday, March 20th & March 21st – The final two nights of the New Japan Cup in Niigata

Tuesday, March 31st – Sakura Genesis at Sumo Hall

Wednesday, April 29th – Kagoshima

Sunday, May 3rd & May 4th – Wrestling Dontaku from Fukuoka

Saturday, June 6th – Best of the Super Juniors Final at Ota Ward Gymnasium

Sunday, June 14th – Dominion at Osaka-jo Hall

Friday, October 16th, October 17th & October 18th – The final three nights of the G1 Climax at Sumo Hall