NJPW Capital Collision: Juice Robinson wins U.S. title, Ishii pins Kingston

Originally published at NJPW Capital Collision: Juice Robinson wins U.S. title, Ishii pins Kingston

NJPW Capital Collision

May 14th, 2022

Entertainment & Sports Arena in Washington, DC

By: John Siino

Commentary: Ian Riccaboni & Alex Koslov

Dark Match: Nick Comoroto def. Kevin Knight by pinfall at 6:26

Karl Fredericks vs. Ren Narita

They start with a standing switch and try to outpower each other. Narita sends Fredericks down with a shoulder tackle and they go into a forearm exchange followed by chops. Fredericks stops Narita with a dropkick, and hits a pair of body slams and a stomp for a two count. Fredericks goes back to chops, as Narita is on his knees and encourages them. They start trading kicks to the back as Fredericks gets a two-count. Narita comes back with a belly-to-belly suplex and a suplex into a two count. Narita goes for the Boston Crab, but Fredericks rolls him up for a two. They trade forearms and kicks, as both men fall down. Fredericks hits a splash in the corner followed by stomps in the corner but misses a running dropkick. Narita tries a suplex from the apron, but Fredericks counters it and hits a springboard double stomp for a two count. Narita comes back with a T-Bone suplex for a two and a Cloverleaf in the middle of the ring, but Fredericks crawls over to the bottom rope. They go back to exchanging offense until Narita tries a sleeper into a Cobra Twist. Fredericks fights his way out, and hits a backbreaker and the Manifest Destiny for the win.

Winner: Karl Fredericks by pinfall at 10:32

The Factory in NJPW

As Karl Fredericks was celebrating at the top of the ramp, he got attacked from behind by QT Marshall. Nick Comoroto and Aaron Solo from The Factory joined in on the attack as the crowd chanted ‘QT sucks’. They take it to the ring as QT gets on the mic and asks if he spoiled it for everybody and they didn’t think that New Japan would have another pay-per-view without The Factory. After the Windy City Riot, they couldn’t wait to have him back and he said ‘hell no’ to wrestling here in this crappy area. QT says he had to come out and congratulate Fredericks the only way he knows how, with a swift kick to the rib, as he hits one. QT says Fredericks made a mistake by not joining The Factory and that he’ll see him in Philadelphia, then proceeds to hit him in the face with his gold watch wrapped around his fist. Riccaboni mentions how nobody came out to help Fredericks as Alex Coughlin is out with an injury and Clark Connors is in Japan.

Team Filthy (Tom Lawlor, Royce Isaacs, Jorel Nelson, JR Kratos & Danny Limelight) vs. Fred Rosser, David Finlay, Tanga Loa, Yuya Uemura & The DKC

Royce Isaacs and Yuya Uemura start the match as they tussle on the mat with a couple of takedowns. Isaacs holds Uemura against the ropes and lands a smack, as Uemura comes back and does the same and follows with an arm drag before tagging in Fred Rosser who goes right after Tom Lawlor and tosses him against the barricade on the outside and hits a running powerslam on the floor. Rosser goes back inside and tags in David Finlay as they keep the offense going on Isaacs before he tags in Danny Limelight. Finlay takes control and hits a side suplex for a two count before getting distracted by Isaacs on the apron as Limelight takes control and tags in JR Kratos. Kratos holds Finlay in the corners and takes him down with a jumping clothesline followed by a deadlift suplex as all of Team Filthy comes in for a photo op surrounding Finlay. Jorel Nelson comes in but gets taken down by a dropkick as Finlay tags in Tanga Loa. Loa takes down Nelson and Limelight then mocks Limelight’s dance moves. Kratos trips up Loa, as the West Coast Wrecking Crew starts double-teaming on Loa. Lawlor comes in and puts Loa in a front face lock, but Loa comes back with a spear before tagging in Rosser. Lawlor and Rosser go at it brawling for a while until Rosser hits a hard clothesline, before DKC and Limelight tag in. DKC takes out all of Team Filthy before Kratos comes in and takes DKC to the outside. Loa comes in and challenges Kratos to a forearm exchange, but Kratos stops him with a back suplex. Uemura and Finlay come in and hit a double suplex on Kratos knocking him to the outside. The WCWC start taking control now and toss Uemura to the outside before DKC takes them out with a missile dropkick. Lawlor puts a chokehold on DKC, but Rosser comes from behind and puts on a chicken wing sending them to the outside. Limelight and DKC end up the legal men, as Limelight hits a Tornado DDT for the pin and the win.

Winners: Team Filthy (Tom Lawlor, Royce Isaacs, Jorel Nelson, JR Kratos & Danny Limelight) by pinfall at 14:48

After the match, Finlay attacks Limelight with a shillelagh before all ten men start brawling. They say that Tom Lawlor will defend his Strong Openweight Championship to Fred Rosser tomorrow in Philadelphia (which will air on an upcoming NJPW Strong), and Rosser is putting his NJPW contract on the line.

Chase Owens vs. Great-O-Khan

The crowd is fully behind Great-O-Khan for this one as Khan takes it right to the mat to start the match. They get into a shoving match before Owens takes control with strikes but gets dropped down on his face as Khan tells him to kiss his boot. Khan traps Owens in the corner, sits on him, and pulls back his arms. Khan continues with multiple pin attempts before Owens snaps Khan’s throat on the rope. Owens starts pulling Khan by his hair and snaps him down followed by a knee drop for a two. Owens continues with a swinging neckbreaker as the crowd charts chanting for Khan. Owens tries a bunch of Mongolian Chops, but Khan catches him for a suplex for a two. Khan does the Mongolian Chops himself now before slamming Owens down on his face for a two. Owens hits a splash and a clothesline for a two, but Khan escapes out. Owens hits the C Trigger and the Jewel Heist for another two. They start trading forearms, but Owens ends that with a couple of knees and sets up for the package piledriver, Khan hits a back body drop, and tries the Claw on Owens, but Owens rolls him up and uses the ropes for leverage to get the pin.

Winner: Chase Owens by pinfall at 8:46

TMDK (JONAH, Shane Haste & Mikey Nicholls) & Bad Dude Tito vs. United Empire (Aaron Henare, Kyle Fletcher, Mark Davis & Jeff Cobb)

All eight men start brawling as the bell rings until it’s Bad Dude Tito and Aaron Henare to start the match officially. Henare stops Tito in the corner with a back elbow and a spin kick before getting a one-count. Kyle Fletcher and Mark Davis from Aussie Open come in and double team Tito until Jeff Cobb tags in and hits a standing moonsault for a two count. Cobb teases JONAH by doing a surfboard taunt before tagging in Henare. Henare’s leg gets held as Tito tags in JONAH who hits a standing splash on Henare and whips him hard against the corner before getting in Cobb’s face. Shane Haste and Mikey Nicholls start double-teaming Henare before Nicholls tags in Tito who springboards in and keeps attacking Henare. Haste tags in and starts kicking away at Henare, but Henare comes back with kicks of his own until he hits a Samoan Drop and tags in Davis. Davis takes out Haste and Nicholls and tags in Fletcher as they hit a double-team cutter on Nicholls for a two-count. Aussie Open and Haste & Nicholls continue going back and forth until Tito and Henare start attacking each other and clothesline each other out. JONAH and Cobb clear the ring until they go face to face as the crowd gets wild for this confrontation. They both attempt to take each other down, until JONAH hits a spear. All eight men start brawling now in the ring and some take it to the outside. Haste & Nicholls hit Fletcher with Thunder Valley as Nicholls gets the pin on Fletcher for the win.

Winners: TMDK (JONAH, Shane Haste & Mikey Nicholls) & Bad Dude Tito by pinfall at 12:09

After the match, JONAH and Cobb continue to brawl a bit until the United Empire retreats. TMDK point to their logo and looks to officially welcome Bad Dude Tito into their group and embrace him.

Brody King vs. Minoru Suzuki

King starts the match with a shove as they go right into the chop exchange. Suzuki starts working on King’s arm and tries to trap it in the rope, but King punches him off and they start brawling on the outside against the barricades. King misses and hits the ring post with a chop, as Suzuki goes right after it, taking him inside and holding on to the wrist lock until he starts bending the fingers. Suzuki hits a snap mare and a kick before going right back to bending the fingers and putting on a double wristlock, but King grabs the rope. King stops Suzuki and splashes him in the corner followed by a cannonball but can’t lift up Suzuki after for a Gonzo Bomb. Suzuki challenges King to chop him, but King’s hand injury is making them not land as hard. They continue chopping and hitting forearms, but Kings hits a German Suplex and tries another Gonzo Bomb. Suzuki gets out and puts on a Sleeper Hold, and goes for the Gotch Style Piledriver, but King reverses with a back body drop. Suzuki puts on the Sleeper Hold again, but again King gets out and tries the Gonzo Bomb. Suzuki gets out and King hits a lariat for two. Suzuki tries to fight his way up but gets taken down with two more lariats followed by the Gonzo Bomb for the pin.

Winner: Brody King by pinfall at 9:05

As a young boy was trying to help Suzuki up, Suzuki hit him with a Gotch Style Piledriver before leaving to the back.

Eddie Kingston vs. Tomohiro Ishii

Kingston comes out with a Brodie Lee shirt and a bandage covering up the burn from the fireball of ‘The Wizard’ Chris Jericho. They go right at it with the chops mixed with shoulder tackles, with Ishii taking down Kingston eventually with one. Ishii starts kicking at Kingston’s bandage, which prompts him to tear it off as they go back to chops and forearms, but Kingston stops Ishii with a DDT. Kingston holds Ishii down and stretches his arms, but Ishii reverses the bow and arrow. Ishii tries a clothesline, but Kingston catches him with an armbar. Kingston starts chopping Ishii in the corner, but Ishii turns it right on him before Kingston does the same and knocks Ishii down with one hard one. Ishii comes back and hits a Saito Suplex and a suplex but only gets a one-count. Kingston stops a running Ishii off the ropes with a clothesline as the crowd starts chanting for both men. Ishii fights out of a neckbreaker attempt as they start trading quick slaps until they trade-off suplexes and both men fall to the mat. They slowly get up and trade more chops, with Kingston putting his straps down and hitting a uranage for a two. Kingston hits a half Dragon suplex, but Ishii kicks out at the last possible moment. Kingston calls for the spinning back fist, but Ishii ducks it and hits an Enziguri. Ishii comes back with a lariat and tries to pick up Kingston, but Kingston stops it with a DDT. Ishii gets right up and hits a clothesline for a two, pulls Kingston up, and tries the brainbuster, but Kingston fights it off and hits two of his spinning back fists mixed with a headbutt from Ishii in between as both men fall down. Kingston tries to lift Ishii up, but Ishii steps on his toe, gets an Enziguri from Kingston, and hits a lariat and the brainbuster for the win.

Winner: Tomohiro Ishii by pinfall at 16:07

Lio Rush is Slowly Approaching

As they were about to cut to a promo video, Lio Rush comes out unannounced and enters the ring. Rush gets on the mic and says it feels good to be home but unfortunately, he is still not cleared to compete, before saying yet. Rush said he came here tonight for a reason that is to send a message to a few people in the back and a lot of people watching at home right now, and that message is when he is cleared the entire landscape of the Junior Heavyweight Division will drastically change at the hands of Lio Rush. Rush starts naming people like Robbie Eagles, Taiji Ishimori, and Hiromu Takahashi and says their time is dwindling, and his time is slowly approaching

BULLET CLUB (Jay White & Hikuleo) vs. CHAOS (Kazuchika Okada & Rocky Romero)

Lio Rush joins commentary for this match and the rest of the show. Rocky Romero was a late replacement for Trent Beretta who was diagnosed with COVID-19. Kazuchika Okada and Jay White start the match as the crowd is extremely loud for this match and starts chanting for Okada. Okada and White go back and forth in the corners before Okada hits a big boot and a dropkick which sends White retreating to his corner and tags in Hikuleo. Romero asks to be tagged in and he does and goes face to chest with Hikuleo who pushes him right down hard to the mat. Romero starts landing some forearms and sends Hikuleo to the corner with a hurricanrana, but Hikuleo comes right back and tags in White. White keeps Romero in his corner with chops and as he distracts Okada and the referee, Hikuleo chokes out Romero on the ropes. Hikuleo comes in and launches Romero in the corner before White comes in for a one-count. White holds Romero down with a chin lock, but Romero fights his way out. White knocks Okada off the apron before he can get tagged in and tags in Hikuleo. White starts choking Romero out with a cable wire on the outside before sending him back inside for a two-count from Hikuleo. Romero dodges a splash but fails to make the hot tag, as Hikuleo stops him. Romero comes back with a spinning DDT and finally makes the tag to Okada. Okada comes in and takes Hikuleo down with a back elbow and a body slam, but Hikuleo comes back with a big boot and tags in White. White lands chops and a suplex but gets a two count. Okada fights out and tries the Money Clip, but instead hits an Air Raid Crash. Okada goes to the top rope and hits a flying elbow drop and hits the Rainmaker pose. They counter each other for a while until Okada hits his dropkick. Romero tags in, takes out Hikuleo with a suicide dive before clotheslining White in the corner and hitting a Tornado DDT. Okada and Romero start double-teaming White as Romero hits the Strong Zero and puts on an armbar, but Hikuleo breaks it up. They double team and clothesline Hikuleo to the outside before Romero and White go back and forth until Jay White hits the Blade Runner on Romero for the pin.

Winners: BULLET CLUB (Jay White & Hikuleo) by pinfall at 15:59

White and Hikuleo continue to attack Okada after the match, including White hitting Okada with the Blade Runner. As Hikuleo tries a chokeslam, Tanga Loa comes out. Hikuleo puts the ‘too sweet’ up, but Tanga Loa says you don’t turn your back on family, as Hikuleo leaves with White.

IWGP United States Heavyweight Championship Four-Way Match: Hiroshi Tanahashi (c) vs. Juice Robinson vs. Will Ospreay vs. Jon Moxley

Juice Robinson comes out first and debuts his new ‘BULLET CLUB’ music and entrance. Tiger Hattori comes out before the match starts to present the championship. Ospreay goes right after Moxley once the bell rings and takes it outside as Juice and Tanahashi quickly follow them. Moxley and Ospreay start fighting on the stage as Juice crashes into the barricade with a cannonball attempt. Moxley and Tanahashi go face to face in the ring and exchange forearms. Tanahashi hits a slam and goes to the top rope, but Juice pulls him down with his hair before he gets knocked off the apron. Ospreay leaps and connects with Juice, the camera doesn’t catch it, but it gets a huge reaction from the crowd. Ospreay hits Moxley with a springboard forearm and gets a two count. Moxley comes back with a pair of suplexes, but Ospreay lands on his feet with the third attempt as Moxley tosses him down quickly for a two count. Ospreay tries to handspring off the ropes, but Juice stops him with a chair before bringing the chair inside but gets clotheslined to the outside and hit with a suicide dive by Moxley. Moxley sets up the chair in the ring, but Juice reverses him and suplexes him into them. Juice sets the chair wedged into the corner and sends Moxley into its head first followed by a cannonball as now Moxley is bleeding from the forehead. Tanahashi runs in and hits a cross body to Juice before hitting a chain Dragonscrew on Ospreay and Juice, but Moxley comes back with a cutter and double DDT on Ospreay and Juice. Tanahashi hits Moxley with a sling blade as all four men are now laid out. Ospreay goes and grabs a table, as Moxley and Tanahashi are fighting in the ring. Tanahashi puts on a cloverleaf as Ospreay tries to creep up from behind and hit the Hidden Blade. Juice grabs Ospreay and sends him to the outside before hitting Tanahashi in the back of the head of the championship before hitting him in the face with it. All three men go back and forth trying to get pins on Tanahashi before it’s just Juice and Tanahashi. Ospreay comes in and hits a bunch of superkicks, before Moxley stops him with a piledriver. Moxley tries the Death Rider, but Tanahashi reverses it into the sling blade. Tanahashi goes up and hits High Fly Flow on Moxley, but Juice stops him and hits Pulp Friction. Ospreay hits Juice with the Os Cutter, Moxley hits Ospreay with the Death Rider, ducks a Hidden Blade, and hits a lariat and another Death Rider but only gets a two on Ospreay. Moxley goes right for the Bulldog Choke on Ospreay, but Tanahashi hits both of them with High Fly Flow. Tanahashi goes back up for another one, but Juice stops him. Moxley knocks Juice off the apron but gets knocked down himself with a sling blade from Tanahashi. Tanahashi sets Moxley up on the table on the outside and hits him with a High Fly Flow crashing through it. Juice and Ospreay go at it, with Juice pushing the referee into a Hidden Blade attempt, hitting the low blow, and The Rockslide for the pin on Ospreay.

Winner: Juice Robinson by pinfall at 15:45, to become NEW IWGP United States Heavyweight Champion

I’m Rock Hard

The rest of BULLET CLUB join Juice Robinson on the stage and celebrate with him. Juice grabs the microphone and says the crowd loves Jon Moxley and says ‘the ace of the universe, my ass’. Juice continues to talk trash and says Will Ospreay calls himself the best in the world, but he can’t beat him. Not only did he beat all three men, but he also beat them all at the same time. No more flamboyant bullshit, he’s now Rock Hard. He calls himself The Booster, as he’s the boost the BULLET CLUB needed, and these idiots haven’t seen anything else.

Jon Moxley gets on the mic after the match and gives it up to the roster here and says he feels privileged to watch them perform, he thanks the fans and says next time he will get in the ring with Tanahashi he will whip his fucking ass.

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