1am here in the U.K. excited just to sit back with a few beers and watch some fucking good new japan wrestling looking forward especially to three matches in particular Ospreay vs Scurll, Cody vs Juice and Ishii/Okada vs Golden Lovers

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Interesting to see how Jim Ross and Kevin Kelly work together with both being lead announces, usually Ross gets crucified after these us shows

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Empty sections so noticeable, turn the lights down. Fun 6 man to open the show with

Glaring how many empty seats there are my god what happened!!

Made a mistake going back to Cali, should’ve gone literally anywhere else in the states

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Hangman page thats the guy right there where ever he goes.

Daniels/Kazarian smooth as always.

I forgot the pacing would be match to match without the AXS commercials

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Very fun 6-man tag, met Jeff Cobb at a recent rev pro show absolute beast!

Jeff Cobb/Monster Matanza is so damn impressive with his strength


Funny seeing IO Shirai & Kairi Sane sitting along the aisle. Didn’t notice them earlier, but definitely saw them a couple times during LIG entrance. Weren’t the Highlanders fired for being seen in a TNA crowd?

Just give Zack sabre jr a microphone & let him talk trash (it’s not Halloween yet mate)

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Ha! That is great how have i not noticed kari sane yet!

This show is so much easier to watch without the break delay.

Jay white heat? Or go away heat? Hmm :thinking: this character has still yet to resonate with me.

I feel like the card is flying by.

I really enjoy the character. I just haven’t seen much in the ring from him.

Spanish fly to start, already loving this match :pray:

Jr. Match was great, loved the tag tittle match

Booking a triple threat match for the IWGP Title, that’ll piss off some hardcores

Pretty good show. I enjoyed the top half of the card in particular - each match presented progress in moving along NJPW stories at the end of 2018.

Not a big fan of the promised triple-threat match. It does allow Kenny to pin someone other than Kota, however, so there’s that.

BFFs are also fans of LIJ:

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