NJPW introducing KOPW Championship, special rules announced

Originally published at https://www.postwrestling.com/2020/07/28/njpw-introducing-new-championship-special-rules-announced/

On top of the two title matches that were announced during the press conference for NJPW’s ‘Summer Struggle’ show at Jingu Stadium, another announcement was made in the form of a new championship being introduced in the company. This title is being called the “KOPW Championship” but there will not be a physical title belt for said champion to hold. This title will also reset at the end of every year as far as who the champion is.

The inaugural KOPW Champion will be decided after matches are held on August 26th at Korakuen Hall and the finals take place at Jingu Stadium. Eight wrestlers are going to compete in four singles matches on 8/26. For the first round, each wrestler will get to decide their own match rules which can be two-out-of-three falls, ladder, steel cage etc.

Fans will be the deciding factor on which wrestler’s stipulation stand. The winners of those respective four matches are going to advance to a four-way match at Jingu Stadium under traditional four-way match rules and a first-ever champion will be crowned.

The KOPW Title can be defended until the end of the year and match stipulations will be voted on by fans. The individual who is the KOPW Champion at the end of the year is going to receive a trophy and the entire process will restart in 2021.

Cool idea… I guess. I like the concept of how the title is handled. Gimmick matches in NJPW are just not for me.

I feel the same way. This is something new, and I am open to this idea and interested to see where it goes. The plus is with Gedo booking I don’t think we will ever get Vince Russo levels of bad booking / stipulations so we probably will never see Taichi in a Miho Abe on a pole match.

Sounds like a Hardcore Title meets Taboo Tuesday meets a nutty ongoing tournament every year, something to spice up the undercards (which could certainly use something). According to Okada on the press conference, this title exists on the edge of New Japan.