NJPW latest free match: Kamaitachi vs Dragon Lee from fantasticamania 2 years ago

This is the second time I watched this match (available on NJPWworld.com for free), and I think it’s pretty good. It shows the new fans the previous incarnation of Hiromu from his time in CMLL and you can see the roots of his ''time bomb" persona. I have one major problem with this match though, and it’s that the match revolves around Dragon Lee’s knee but often (not always) when he starts creating any sort of offence he’s doing dropkicks and attempts double stomps from the top rope without any selling of the knee.

I would like to know the opinions of others on this match and especially if it’s enough to make you watch the Fantasticamania shows that are coming up this month on njpwworld (not necessarily live but just watching it).