NJPW Power Struggle 2018 live

The opener was a bit sloppy I think. It did its job but there was a lot of talent in there that could have been used much better.

Many of the matches are geared to setting up the next two months, and strike me as feeling a bit incomplete.

Okada-White comes across as a much hotter feud that Omega-Tanahashi. Maybe it’s just the Osaka crowd really liking Okada.

Putting the Open belt on another Chaos member given Osprey’s absence also feels a bit empty. The Open HW match was just ok - good finish but very slow start - and I still can’t care about Taichi.

Top three matches were fine enough but the crowd was not very hot until Jericho in the middle of his match was able to heel enough on the crowd and company to get the crowd’s attention.

Nothing on this show struck me as a must-see match. The Ishii-Suzuki match was my favorite I think.

After show promo by Jericho had him proclaiming there would never be a rematch with Naito, which I find unlikely as it will make a good Tokyo Dome match.

My favorite bits and pieces from tonight were produced by this guy: