NJPW's 8/29 Summer Struggle event to take place at Jingu Stadium

Originally published at https://www.postwrestling.com/2020/07/25/njpws-8-29-summer-struggle-event-to-take-place-at-jingu-stadium/

New Japan Pro-Wrestling made the announcement during the intermission of their ‘Sengoku Lord’ event on 7/25 that next month on August 29th, for the conclusion of their series of ‘Summer Struggle’ shows, they’ll hold an event inside of the Jingu baseball stadium. The forthcoming event will be the second time that New Japan has run an event in said stadium, with the last being 21 years ago.

Jingu Stadium has a capacity of 37,000 fans but the attendance number will be smaller due to social distancing.

8月29日(土) #新日本プロレス


For the first time in 21 years, open air action in the legendary Jingu Stadium!

Summer Struggle in Jingu comes to you August 29!https://t.co/7ji6WWDj2D#njsengoku #njpw pic.twitter.com/dqeadvmrkk

— njpwworld (@njpwworld) July 25, 2020

NJPW is kicking off their ‘Summer Struggle’ tour on July 26th at Korakuen Hall and the tour will run through August 16th and the next event is the stadium show on the 29th of August.