No Riddle?

So Matt Riddle won’t be at takeover this sat? Fuck that blows. Regal should make the 3rd match a 3way. Ill be there and was looking foward to seeing him live. Booooooo

I wouldn’t be too worried. I bet he has a dark match before Takeover that will be shown on NXT next week. Probably against Damien Priest.

I personally am glad NXT is changing up the formula slightly by having the fifth non-title match on the show be a second women’s match. Candice LeRae has deserved to be on a Takeover card for a long time.

Riddle call up to confront Bill Goldberg?

Almost like someone shouldn’t talk shit about other actual stars when your ass is still in developmental…almost like someone needed an attitude adjustment.

I love Matt Riddle because he doesn’t give a fuck. Doesn’t give a fuck about the old haggards, doesn’t give a fuck about part-timers, doesn’t give a fuck about getting fired. Dude is a star anywhere he goes, so I hope he pisses of the wrong (right?) people and hits the non-WWE scene again.

No Riddle? Hard to figure out why, like some kind of… puzzle…