No starrcast?

Curious about the DON - haven’t heard about Starrcast yet. Any idea what’s up?

I know they didn’t do it for Revolution because of the C2E2 event but is Starrcast now totally gone? I thought it was a big success (even if they were charging like 150 bucks to meet CM Punk and Sting lol)

Doesn’t sound like it, which is a bit disappointing. Maybe it was a mistake to have STARRCAST in May, August and November.

Cody did say in his conference call that there will be AEW things for fans to check out that week in Vegas.

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In my oppinion, Starrcast jumped the shark last year.

Double Or Nothing & All Out felt justified at they seemed to be the two big tent poll events for the AEW pay per views.

Then the third at Full Gear two months later for a Third Starrcast with AEW. It felt to much to soon, at least with the FITE cost acciciated.

Oh course this is just my oppinion based on a FITE TV aspect as I’ve never attended one.


Went to Starrcast for All In and then again during All Out. It was fun both times but was severely toned down the second time around and felt much more like a cash grab than the first year did. It’s a great idea but should probably be a yearly convention vs. being toured around and done quarterly.

Conrad spent plenty of time both years complaining about how much work it was so if I were him I would be more inclined to hire an event production company to take on the workload and allow him just to oversee/facilitate interviews etc.


The last I heard on one of Conrad’s podcasts from a few weeks back (I can’t recall which one exactly but it was fairly recent), he mentioned that they are still planning on doing one in Chicago Labor Day Weekend and put over how good of a partner the Hyatt Regency in Schaumburg was.

I also recall him not being too fond of the venue they had the Starrcast in Vegas at. The dude has 5 podcasts a week now and is running out of what legends he can bring in for panels so it’s probably best if they keep this thing to once a year.

He also has a full time business he runs with his mortgages (assuming he still does that). He’s a business man, and if the money isn’t worth the time, he won’t do it.

It didn’t make money? I thought Starrcast was packed. Was sad I missed it at All Out so wanted to go this time around

I’m sure it made money, just if the money was worth the effort and time he likely has to take away from his other business.