NOAH N-1 Victory Tournament: Jake Lee and Jack Morris wrestle to draw

Originally published at NOAH N-1 Victory Tournament: Jake Lee and Jack Morris wrestle to draw

Pro Wrestling NOAH’s N-1 Victory Tournament resumed on Sunday as the tour begins to wind down.

Multiple scenarios are at play coming off Sunday’s show in the A & B Blocks with two more round-robin matches scheduled for each participant before the finals on September 3.

The main event on Sunday in Sapporo featured a 30-minute draw between Jake Lee and Jack Morris in the A Block and both escaped with one point. It allows Lee to hold a point lead in the block ahead of Masa Kitamiya, who didn’t have a tournament match on Sunday. Yuki Yoshioka, Kenoh, and Jack Morris are still alive in the block.

🏆 GLG stable mates @JakeLee19890119 & @jackmorrisx17 wrestle to a 30-minute time limit draw!!#noah_ghc #n12023

— Pro Wrestling NOAH Global (@noahglobal) August 20, 2023

The B Block is led by MLW’s Lance Anoa’i with eight points while the rest is a logjam with Katsuhiko Nakajima, Manabu Soya, Go Shiozaki, and El Hijo de Dr. Wagner Jr. tied with six points each, and Daiki Inaba, Yuma Anzai, and Saxon Huxley tied with four points each.

Anoa’i lost his second match of the tournament on Sunday, losing to Manabu Soya.

The N-1 Victory tournament continues next Saturday & Sunday with the final round-robin matches and the finals are on September 3 in Osaka.

Here are the results from Sunday’s show in Sapporo: (Courtesy:
*BLOCK A: Jake Lee vs. Jack Morris wrestled to a 30:00 draw
*Go Shiozaki, Kaito Kiyomiya, Eita & HAYATA over Naomichi Marufuji, Seiki Yoshioka, Alejandro & Junta Miyawaki in 18:38
*BLOCK B: Manabu Soya over Lance Anoa’i in 12:35
*BLOCK A: Kenoh over Timothy Thatcher in 13:47
*YO-HEY, Anthony Greene & Tadasuke over Yoshinari Ogawa, LEONA & Stallion Rogers in 12:06
*BLOCK B: Hijo de Dr. Wagner Jr. over Yuma Anzai in 10:30
*BLOCK A: Adam Brooks over Yoshiki Inamura in 7:58
*Taishi Ozawa over Yu Owada in 5:39
*BLOCK B: Go Shiozaki over Daiki Inaba due to forfeit

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