Noam Dar says he might not be in WWE if not for move to NXT UK, talks 'great' relationship with Meta-Four

Originally published at Noam Dar says he might not be in WWE if not for move to NXT UK, talks 'great' relationship with Meta-Four

Dar has ‘great personal relationships’ with each member of the group. 

The NXT stable Meta-Four consists of Noam Dar, Jakara Jackson, Lash Legend and Oro Mensah. The group first aligned at NXT Battleground 2023 when they helped Dar retain the Heritage Cup. 

Dar has been working with WWE since 2016 and he looked back at his earlier years with the company while speaking to Inside The Ropes. Back in 2019, PWInsider was first to report that Dar was making the move from 205 Live to be back in Europe full-time and to join NXT UK. 

He confirmed that it was his decision to do that and feels if he hadn’t, he might not be in WWE present day.

Well, firstly, transferring to NXT U.K. was my attempt and risk to take, to put myself in an environment, in a scenario where I could show what I believed I was, what I believed the character was and what I believed I could do with any scenario and circumstance. And to have that space in NXT U.K., to have the freedom to be myself, to develop that and to be more actualized is what feels true to me. That was really important for me to have that moment within WWE and try it my way without any attachment to any possible outcome.

For me, it was more just I’ve spent X amount of years trying to kind of play by everyone else’s rules, try and do what I think is right, just walking on eggshells. So I knew as a creative person and beyond any commercial success, I just knew I needed to have a moment in my career where I bet on myself or try to do things my way and if it doesn’t work and then at least I would have that resolution. Luckily, obviously, it’s paying off and it was instrumental to where I am right now. I might not even be in WWE if I didn’t make that move and make that change.

Speaking about Meta-Four, Dar stated that he has ‘great personal relationships’ with each member of the group and that translates to what they’re doing now.

Not only is it paying off now (move to NXT U.K. in 2019), I’m now on a platform in which I can build that further. Meta-Four came around firstly as something different and not just what most people would just expect of a group, how a group gets brought together, or the dynamic of a group. I have great personal relationships with all of them. Me and (Oro) Mensah go back to NXT U.K., Lash Legend came over to NXT U.K. and we hit it off right away. Jakara Jackson has always been close friends with Lash and that community between us was very immediate, which is important.

A lot of times, people in groups or factions or stables, whatever you want to call them, they don’t always necessarily have the best personal dynamic. Not in the sense that there’s friction, but they’re just professionally focused. But for us, it was important to make sure that everything feels right to us from the ground up and even know everything feels right to us, and we all feel represented in the right way.

So we’ll have that same feeling that I’m talking about, have the same feeling of like, okay, I’m betting on myself, I’m trying to do it my way. And with the steps I’m taking, it feels like the steps that I intuitively want to take, then those steps can either be developed here, developed there, taken this way, taken that way, and just let it be more genuine.

The four of us believe that we’ll be superstars in WWE, the four of us believe that whilst we could wait for certain opportunities, we can just collect ourselves together and start demanding those opportunities, demanding those spots and putting ourselves in those scenarios maybe before we’ve been given them.

Meta-Four has not been on the same page on NXT TV as of late. Dar has set his sights on Trick Williams’ NXT Championship but Lash Legend is caught in-between due to her relationship with Williams. 

On 5/14, Dar claimed that he was ambushed by Williams but Lash denied that he would do that. Legend is going to contest for the Women’s North American Championship in a Ladder match at Battleground.