Non-Espresso Patreons: what show would you have the guys review?

I must admit, I think about this more than I should. I think I’d have the guys review ECW Hardcore TV Episode 184. It was Kurt Angle’s only appearance on the original ECW. He joined Joey Styles for commentary and knew nothing about Pro-wrestling. It’s a short review but hearing the history behind it would be interesting. I highly recommend anyone here with the WWE Network to check it out.

Two options come to mind first:

WCW Uncensored '98 because it features one of my favourite matches; DDP vs Raven vs Chris Benoit for the U.S title. ‘Underrated’ gets thrown around a lot, but i think this a good example of a genuinely great match that has been forgotten or looked over.

The episode of Nitro where the NWO are attacked by an army of Sting clones. Watching this was one of the best wrestling experiences of my childhood. It was amazing, and even re-watching it now, that moment when the real Sting is revealed among the clones is awesome. It’s also one of those moments where you can’t help but think about the incredible level of incompetence it must have taken to put this same company out of business just a few years later.

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That Sting clip was great. Do you know the episode number?

It’s episode 109.

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I’ve been wanting the guys to look into the ROH/CZW feud for ages, I think it’d be fascinating looking into that and know John would do his research. ROH 100 or CZW When 2 Worlds Collide would be great reviews. But I’ve also thought about them looking at some CHIKARA, anything from 2010 would be great as that was the BDK storyline and it produced some great show. The King of Trios was great or the Dark Cibernetico match as that was the last show Larry Sweeney worked before his death.

I’d have to go with nostalgia picks of course. I’d have trouble narrowing it down though. Wrestlemania III is what got me into wrestling as a kid. The Saturday Night’s Main Event that had Honkytonk Man bust the guitar over Macho Man’s head is another one that stands out. The first WCW PPV I saw was a rental and it was Battlebowl which could be entertaining again. ECW Hardcore Heaven 99 would be my last one on the list as that was the first ECW PPV I ordered and I watched the Lynn vs RVD match so many times after that.

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I was thinking about it as I was listening to the “In Your House” review. Something completely random like DDT or Shimmer. I love women’s wrestling so something like Queens of Chaos would also be interesting.

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Hardcore tv was my choice too. I think I’d pick the super weird Japan episode tho.

Complete with commercials

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ECW did a lot of wired shit. Maybe I’d have them watch all of 911’s run-ins. HAHAHAHA

Also the build up to Taz/Sabu from Barely Legal '97 was amazing.

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The tv was great considering it probably cost almost nothing to produce.

Most of my reviews of ECW TV from back then would be falling asleep at 1:30 AM during the replay of the New York Knicks game waiting for ECW to (maybe) come on at 2 AM.

Oh man. Me too.

Where in NY did you live?

Central Connecticut, actually. But we still had the MSG Network (unfortunately, I’m too young to have caught the heyday of random WWF house shows airing on MSG).

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If i could pick a show it probably would be between WCW New blood rising or WWE breaking point.

Why theses choices, First New blood rising was for me one of the funniest show WCW produce, between the Sting squashing the demon in seconds or that kronik not wanting to wrestled the filthy animals for the titles so they and rey and juvi drop the belt to vampiro and muta only for Kronik to win the belt back. It was a total mess plus it would be fun to hear john and wai recap that whole U.S. title match debacle again.

As for Breaking point, it’s more of a personal choice since i was in the audience that night in it was the last PPV they did in Montreal. the fact they did another fake montreal screw job in the main event is pretty why i would love to hear this review at some point.

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I believe there’s a spare spot as an Espresso Patreon if you guys want one of your shows reviewed and it’s financially viable for you.

I’m not going to give away what my show will be but it’s a show the guys haven’t reviewed before at either here or the old place.

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