Non-producers: What show would you like to see the guys review?

Although not a Producer in Post Wrestling, it’s nice to think about what show would you like to see John and Wai cover.

For me it would be WrestleMania 4, the event that got me into wrestling. The beginning of the Mega Powers, Savage’s multiple entrances, the flying elbow finish against DiBiase… makes me want to re-watch it now.

What’s yours, and why?

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WCW Starrcade 1995

ROH Best in the World 2011

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They have reviewed WrestleMania 4 on review-a-wai. Idk if the old proboards even work anymore. One of my favorites growing up. Two VHS tapes :vhs: lmao. Used to watch it all the time


The old boards do still work. You can find the full list of the old review-a-wai shows here:

I think there are still plenty of shows that John and Wai haven’t seen yet. Some of my suggestions are:

WCCW 353 - Oct. 1, 1998. I’m a big fan of the old WCCW shows as world class and the Von Erichs once ruled Dallas. This show has Jerry Lawler show up for an AWA vs WCCW title match. A fresh change of pace compared to WWEs production today.

ECW Anarchy Rulz 1999 - The first ever ECW PPV I watched (on dvd). I remember it being a good show.

WWF No Mercy 2001 - A hidden gem in the invasion era featuring the Rocks best match ever against Chris Jericho.

WWE Extreme Rules 2014 - A look back at how hot Reigns was as enforcer of the shield against Evolution before both teams broke up. Daniel Bryan’s last WWE title match.

Non shows:
WWE comic volume 1 by Boom Studios. Hilarious book.

WWE SuperCard Mobile game - Do John & Wai get hooked?

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I’ve been saying for years and would still love for the guys to dig into the CZW vs. ROH feud. Reviewing ROH’s 100 show or CZW’s When 2 Worlds Collide shows would be amazing, especially considering how much research the guys do for their shows.

There are some really sweet Russo-riffic Sunday Night Heats that just came up. They are completely tasteless and fly by so quickly. The ones with Meat featured prominitely are a must watch

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I am a producer and my turn is coming up in a few months. I’m not sure what to choose, so I’m glad this topic is up here. Any suggestions would be appreciated!!!

Ready to rumble - it would be a retread, but I love this movie as a guilty pleasure , it never seems to get it’s fair shake. People often get so tied up with the sinking of WCW that would have happened regardless of the quality of this movie. It’s not great, but by the standards of gross out fare that was all the rage at this time (Tom Green, American pie, road trip etc) it’s a perfect slice of the year 2000, warts and all. Sure it’s ridiculous, clearly has very little to do with actual wrestling but I would argue that the genuine joy on the face of David Arquette throughout the movie coupled with the many quotable lines surely make this a guilty classic. When else are you going to see a movie with Goldberg, Macho man and Billy Kidman, plus his jorts?! It’s the bestler, better than all the wrestlers!

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Loved this movie as a kid! I think they reviewed it in a past life

Please pick anything WCW. There arent enough WCW reviews.

They definitely did review it before, but it was one of the earlier ones so they skipped through it super quickly. I’ve always been curious as outside of the Tony Schiavonne podcast about this they did last year, I don’t feel like I’ve heard anyone talk about the production of it and what the potential could be for something else like this. When Countdown was announced, I think we were all expecting a bit more ridiculous than the shit they ended up releasing. With newer possibilities for content raised by the network, If WWE released a movie/series of movies like this in tone tomorrow I would sign up again for them all in an instant! I feel like surely John and Wai must have softened their stance after having reviewed much worse movies from WWE studios. If they just give our ugly baby a chance, surely they’d see the beauty that lies within?! :slight_smile:

In your house 4 from Winnipeg, that was the one where Shawn forfeited the title to Dean Douglas, which was the continuation of his “bad year”…

How about the horrible one and only time the NWO put on their own show, Souled Out? Or the New Blood Rising show which could be the worst show ever put on by any wrestling company?

That’s just mean to make John and Wai watch those shows again.

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December to dismember

I’d love a Chikara review, mainly from 2010 during the whole BDK storyline. But they could also review a King of Trios or a Cibernetico, the Dark Cibernetico would be perfect as it was during the BDK storyline and was Larry Sweeney’s final Chikara match before his passing.

No Way Out 2001