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So I noticed Northeast Wrestling booked Kenny Omega and Rey Fenix for Nov 9. in Poukepsee (sp?) New York. This is wild - not only a rare Kenny match in America but not in ROH/NJPW and against a top talent like Fenix.
I bought a ticket (here are plenty available last i checked). I haven’t seen Kenny live, so jumped at the chance. Anyone else attending or have thoughts on this?

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Wish I could see that match. I was hyped for Omega/Pentagon, this one should be equally great. You should risk jail time and film it for us.

Is Northeast part of or any streaming service? It’d be an amazing match to see especially following his match with Pentagon jr. at ALL IN

Belated WOW and yes, I am going! Would be great to meet a fellow (and famous) Post Mate.

I hadn’t notice til now, but just seeing that Global Wars tour is on, and will be in Buffalo, NY November 9, the exact same night as this event. While Omega has not had such a big presence in ROH shows, is it not still kinda strange to see the companies he has the strongest affiliation with, one of them that he just happens to be the World Champion of, putting on a show in the same proximity and he is not a part of it?

I am sure there are logical reasons, but it just speaks to my general lack of interest in ROH these days, save for its collaborations with NJPW, and even then, I am hardly feeling it being on par.

This will be my first time to see Kenny Omega wrestle in person so I am super psyched for this Friday.

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Me too!!!
And I am hiking up from NYC to see him live because I’d kick myself if he then wasn’t at the Garden in April and I never saw him before WWE.

Hardly famous just a member of the Infamous Jersey Triad!
Looking forward to meeting you!!

And yes, very odd choice of a show for him to be on. For a guy who wrestles maybe 10-12x a year in the States, this is an odd one. Especially given the Global Wars tour. :thinking:

I honestly don’t even know what the Global Wars cards are, not that anything is stopping me from looking it up…but it is kinda sad state of things when years past, I would be eagerly gobbling that information up as soon as it became available. Can’t even totally blame it on fas that they are skipping NYC, when some or maybe even all of the shows should be available to order or watch on Honor Club.

I’m guessing from financial standpoint this company has the money to drop on a big name like Omega, and from booking standpoint, nobody ROH feel’s like jobbing out to him, and there isn’t anyone who should be beating him…

Funny you mention Honor Club.
I subscribed at the highest level for Super Card which turned into a nightmare. I’ve used it for other shows but definitely not the level of cards I had hoped for when the promotion was red hot to start the year.

I feel like if you’ve seen one Global Wars Card you’ve seen em all.
That was my first ROH show - Marty’s turn and Cole v Tanahashi

But they send the same guys over and tbh I rather see Fenix and Pentagon live who I’ve not seen before.

I totally would have made the trip if the city was closer to the border. I wanted to see Fenix as well. I was really hoping the drive from my home to the venue was about 2 hours but it wasn’t meant to be.

Highspots is streaming this show Friday night.

Appreciate a report if anyone is attending live or watching it for the site.

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Got you covered

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