Not Watching WWE until end of Crown Jewel...

Rich in Winnipeg.
So, I watched Raw on Monday, and as with John & Wai, it left me with a bad taste in my mouth. But it has led me a bit further, as until Crown Jewel is over, I will not be watching any current WWE programming. I will still stay informed on the product, as I will be listening to the POST reviews from John and Wai, as well reading any news updates. I know this is a small thing, but at least I can support Journalists who are dedicated to their job, and right now, we need to support ALL independent journalism, be it in News, Sports, Entertainment, etc. I will also be donating to the CPJ, as mentioned on the podcast. I want to know how many are thinking of doing the same.
Thanks, everyone.

That’s really great, even if fans can’t stop them going hopefully they can make their feelings known and possibly make them re-think the future. I only watch NXT and the PPVs but I’ll be avoiding them until afterwards too – possibly even longer depending on John and Wai’s reporting of the actual event.

If you’re just going to go back to it after Crown Jewel, you might as well watch it.

The WWE has no real reason not to go over and get that Saudi fuck-money. Their Network subs aren’t going to take a major hit and the vast majority of us are going to rant and bitch about the event and its politics but we’re still going to let our subs lapse into the new year.

Like I wrote on another thread, I’m already over the whole thing. It’s awful what happened but at the same if I to stop watching a show, a movie or a concert just because I don’t agree with what they are doing, I wouldn’t be watching anything.

I don’t agree with them going to Saudi Arabia but I will over the show and watch it later on that day mostly because the card seem interesting enough for me to forget about the political side of the show plus if a PVR the show, you can take all the propaganda they will be forced to do during the show.

Also, another point is, if you stop watching for three week, I will show them what exactly? They already know that they probably will lose some viewers for that period anyway. It’s not like it’s a big period for WWE so they won’t care because you will be back for survivor series/takeover: war games, which is the most important period for them. You will be back for mania season. So in the end, you not doing anything that they don’t expect.

Fans, especially the IWC is a really fickle bunch, they are outrage one moment and the next they will completely forget why they are outrage and move on and That’s what’s going to happen with this as well.

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Man, WWE is gonna take a huge hit from this. They really need to consider not going now.

They will take a huge hit one way or the other so if I’m them, I rather take a hit from the fans standpoint now and make the money back by mania season then breaching the contract they have, lose a lot more money and have the stock go down.

We all know that by mania season, everybody That’s outrage by this will comeback anyway. They are in a down time right anyway as normally, they don’t get a lot of fan watching just before mania season, so it’s not a huge lost if a portion of the hardcore’s stop watching for a couple of weeks.

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I’ll start by saying that I’m not judging anybody’s reason for a personal protest/boycott or their right to do so (as long as nobody is being harmed, of course).

But I think the only way for WWE to even feel a blip of a protest over Crown Jewel would be for network subscribers to cancel and not watch the TV product for a longer period of time than the next few weeks. Otherwise, I don’t think they care who watches a sold show on their network subscription that’s already paid for.


In all honesty, there was never any danger in me not watching. I’m as interested in the politics/business/backstage side of the wwe as I am the in ring product, if not more so. So for that reason I’m more intrigued with how this event is handled than I am most.

Exactly, but the fact is, NXT takeover is coming a few week after crowning jewel and asking fans to miss a takeover event as part of a protest against wwe is asking too much.

WWE Won’t mind if they number of viewers for this event is lower then normal, they expected it ever since the greatest rumble happened. What would really hurt them is if NXT takeover: war games, survivor series and the whole mania season took a hit because of that one event, but I doubt the outrage around this would last that long.

So, I’m challenging anybody that’s outrage by this situation to cancel their subscription to the network and stop watching the product until after wrestlemania. Then and only then we will show WWE that what they are doing is wrong.

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Even better, watch it illegally!

Nobody is really outraged though man. Its all fake outrage. People love to act like they have high morals, but when it comes to doing anything about what they are supposedly outraged about, they dont do shit. Its easier to sit around on a message board and talk the talk.

that’s exactly my point with all of this, Some fans are outrage know but in a few weeks when the show is over and done with they will forget that this ever happened.

It’s human nature, peoples get upset about something they see on the news, use social media to make themselves fell better and a week or two after that they just forget about it and move on.



Some people are legit upset/outraged and some couldn’t care less.

It’s weird to claim otherwise just bc it makes you feel better

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