Notes from 01/05/18 Smackdown in Montreal.

Dark Match: Usos def. Rusev Day via splash.

Huge crowd reaction for Rusev.

Smackdown: Good crowd, long show. Very few matches which slowly killed the crowd (4 matches in 2 hours)

205 live: Although the last match between Kalisto and Gulak was pretty good, the crowd was absolutely drained. I wonder how this turned up on television. 20-30% of the crowd left before 205 live

Dark Match: Daniel Bryan vs. Shinsuke Nakamura. Dream match, crowd came unglued. A lot of Yes/Oui chants for Bryan. When the match started to really pick up, Nakamura low-blowed Bryan which causes a DQ. Shinsuke left the ring and then xame baxk to attack Bryan who hit Nakamura with a running knee.
DB then pandered to the Montreal crowd chanting “Oui!” with them before shaking hands to most people ringside as the show ended.