NWA announces its next pay-per-view and return of TV title

Originally published at https://www.postwrestling.com/2019/12/14/nwa-announces-its-next-pay-per-view-and-return-of-tv-title/

During Saturday night’s NWA Into the Fire show, the promotion announced its return date on pay-per-view and the addition of a new championship.

The NWA will run their next big show on Friday, January 24th, at GPB Studios in Atlanta, Georgia and will bring back the NWA Television title on that card.

It is unknown how the championship will be decided on that show as they will run on Royal Rumble weekend with the WWE presenting Worlds Collide on January 25th and the Rumble on January 26th. The NWA event will also go against Friday Night SmackDown that evening.

Following Into the Fire, the NWA is taping episodes of Power on Sunday and Monday this week at GPB Studios with a new episode airing this Tuesday.

I wasn’t expecting another ppv so soon!
I enjoy Powerrr & was intrigued enough by the set up for the main event to purchase Into the Fire & wanted to support the product I’ve been enjoying.

In the case of this next ppv though I’m wanting Nwa to really wow me to get me to part with my money post Christmas season.
I do want them to wow me as I enjoy the product but I watch it with more fun in mind & a less critical eye than I might for something else.

Part of me wonders if the quick turn around between events is the appearance of Marty Scurll & the time frame they have him available & wanting to use him to sell another PPV while he’s around.

I’m not sure how I feel about another championship for a smallish roster & wonder if the t.v title will be the defacto Powerrr championship going forward after the PPV & they will be saving the National & World’s championships for ppv.

The short time frame of six weeks before the PPV also means we’re likely getting a shorter season of Powerrr this time which honestly if it’s more focused with no filler episodes I’ll be happy.

I wonder if we’ll then see a break from Powerrr following the next ppv?

To have a TV Title dont you need TV.

You could call it the YouTube Title, but then it would get confused with the 24/7 belt.