NWA issues correction statement about their reality show, it will air on The CW streaming service

Originally published at https://www.postwrestling.com/2024/01/19/nwa-issues-correction-statement-about-their-reality-show-it-will-air-on-the-cw-streaming-service/

A statement issued about Galli’s comments. 

While guest appearing on Knockouts and 3 Counts, NWA lead commentator Joe Galli stated that the organization’s reality show is going to air on The CW Network. Episodes of NWA Powerrr and matches from their specials begin airing on The CW App in February. 

The NWA issued a correction statement about Galli’s comment about the reality series. It is noted that he misspoke and the show is going to air on The CW streaming service. 

Elsewhere in that conversation, Galli confirmed NWA’s plans to host a 76th Anniversary Show and he shared the names of three talents that have been signed to contracts.

So the NWA has EC3 as its champ, is no longer doing PPV, and its only distribution is coming as a sweetener to get a deal to put a reality show about Billy Corgan’s wedding onto the CW’s website. A mainstream wrestling product, folks.

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