NWA The Crockett Cup 2022 Report: Night 1 Results

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NWA The Crockett Cup, Night 1

March 19th, 2022

The Fairgrounds in Nashville, TN

By: John Siino

Commentary: Joe Galli, Velvet Sky & Tim Storm


Magic Jake Dumas def. Captain Yuma (w/ Danny Deals & Jeremiah Plunkett) by pinfall at 4:44, with the Abracadabra

Four-Way Play-In Match: Bad News Boyz (Brandon Tate & Brent Tate) def. Violence is Forever (Domini Garrini & Kevin Ku), Rip City Shooters (Wes Barkley & Joshua Bishop) & The Heatseekers (Matt Sigmon & Elliot Russell) by pinfall at 9:45, to advance into The Crockett Cup

The Crockett Cup First Round Match: The Briscoes (Jay Briscoe & Mark Briscoe) def. The NOW (Vik Dalishus & Hale Collins) by pinfall at 8:21, to advance

The Crockett Cup First Round Match: Hawx Aerie (Luke Hawx & PJ Hawx) vs. The End (Parrow & Odinson)

The End is the #8 seed, while Hawx Arie is the #9. Commentary mentions that The End haven’t been seeing eye to eye lately, and they do start the match with a bit back and forth as Odinson starts the match with PJ Hawx, and it’s noted that Parrow always starts the match for The End. Odinson seems distracted by Luke, as PJ takes him down. Odinson comes back and starts stomping out PJ, before Parrow gets tagged in. Luke tags in and takes down Parrow, hitting him with a knee drop, but Odinson takes Luke out as the referee is distracted. Parrow splashes on Luke three times, but only gets a one count. The End continue to keep Luke in their corner, with Odinson driving his knee to Luke’s back. Parrow comes in and takes Luke down with a chokeslam, before knocking PJ off the apron. They go on the top rope, as Luke escapes out and hits Parrow with the Razor’s Edge. PJ and Odinson both tag in, with PJ hitting a suplex for a two count. Hawx Aerie went to double team Odinson, and reverse The End’s Super Collider, before Hawx Aerie hit a double backbreaker for a two. As Luke and Parrow brawl on the outside, PJ reverses an Airplane Spin from Odinson into a small package, for the three count.

Winners: Hawk Aerie (Luke Hawx & PJ Hawx) by pinfall at 9:19, to advance

The End attacked Hawx Aerie after the match, with Parrow hitting a sit-out powerbomb on Luke.

Which Jeff Jarrett?

May Valentine is backstage with William Patrick Corgan who talks about how important it is to be here, especially having David Crockett, and Jeff Jarrett here tomorrow as the guest referee. He speaks about the format of the Crockett Cup with you having to win four matches in two nights. Valentine asks if Jeff Jarrett can be an unbiased referee after his comments on Matt Cardona, so Corgan wonders which version of Jeff Jarrett will show up.

The Crockett Cup First Round Match: The Cardonas (Mike Knox & VSK) vs. The Pope & Mims

Pope & Mims are seeded #6, while The Cardonas are #11. The Pope & VSK start the match, with Pope taking him down with a side head takeover. They keep trading off wrist locks, head locks and waist locks, until VSK tosses Pope into the corner with a head scissors, but Pope comes back and tags in Mims. VSK takes a cheap shot and tries to tag in Knox, but Mims catches him and plants him down with a slam for a one count. Pope comes back in as they double team on VSK for a while. Mims continues to slam down VSK, as Knox tries to distract the referee. VSK finally tags Knox back in who aggressively goes on the attack on Mims. As the referee is distracted, VSK chokes out Mims in his corner. VSK comes in and continues the attack on Mims, hitting a Code Breaker before tagging Knox back in. Joe Galli mentions some breaking news on commentary that Luke Hawx has a concussion and is trying to figure out how to continue the tournament. Pope gets the hot tag and takes out both VSK and Knox with elbows, knocking Knox to the outside. Pope and Knox hit the Doomsday Device on VSK, but Knox breaks up the pin attempt. Pope and Knox start brawling on the outside, as Knox sends Pope into the ring post. Knox goes back inside and takes Mims down, as VSK hits the frog splash for the pin.

Winners: The Cardonas (Mike Knox & VSK) by pinfall at 9:59, to advance

One-Time Champ

Joe Galli says that PJ Hawx will continue on the tournament in a handicap match, as Kyle Davis introduces NWA World Women’s Champion Kamille to the podium. Davis mentions how tomorrow night Kamille can lose the title tomorrow against Kylie Rae and Chelsea Green, without being involved in the pinfall. Kamille says she respects Rae but wonders how she went from being in a tag team to getting a title shot. Kamille says she will bring Green some ChapStick tomorrow as her lips must be crusty as hell from all the ass she’s been kissing. Kamille says Matt Cardona can be making his demands to ‘No Backbone Billy’, but Billy knows Kamille can only be beaten in a triple threat match without being pinned. Kamille says at the end of the day she will be a ‘one-time champ’, because she will never lose the title and she can still guarantee the NWA World Women’s Champion. Davis asks what she thinks her fiancée Thom Latimer’s chances will be in the Crockett Cup, as she says he will go all the way to the end.

The Crockett Cup First Round Match: The Dirty Sexy Boys (JTG & Dirty Dango) vs. Aron Stevens & The Blue Meanie

Kratos & Aron Stevens are seeded at #7, as the Dirty Sexy Boys are #10. Commentary mentions that Kratos hasn’t shown up to the building, as Kyle Davis announces Aron Stevens and Kratos. Stevens heads over to Davis and quotes Diamond Dallas Page saying, ‘change is not a bad thing, change is a good thing’ and says he has found himself without a partner before talking down on the crowd and introducing his partner as something ‘extremely blue’, being The Blue Meanie. Meanie comes out with a toothpick and does the Razor Ramon strut and poses. Dango and Stevens officially start the match as Stevens taunts the crowd by dancing. Dango comes back with a back body drop as him and JTG trade punches on Stevens, before tagging JTG in, but Stevens escapes to the outside. The crowd chants ‘chicken’ at Stevens, so he tags out to The Blue Meanie who is making his debut in an NWA ring. JTG and Meanie start trading tickles, before Meanie dances with JTG’s arms. Stevens trips up Dango and attacks him on the outside for a bit, before taking him back in. Meanie comes back in and hits a drop toe hold for a two count on Dango, before tagging Stevens back in. Stevens hits a Russian Leg Sweep, dances on the top rope but falls right into the boot of Dango. Meanie and JTG both tag back in, with JTG taking out both Stevens and Meanie. Meanie comes back with punches and a splash in the corner. JTG dodges the second splash, as Dango gets on all fours to trip up Meanie while JTG hits a big boot and gets the three count on Meanie.

Winners: The Dirty Sexy Boys (JTG & Dirty Dango) by pinfall at 6:40, to advance

The Crockett Cup First Round Match: Strictly Business (Thom Latimer & Chris Adonis) vs. Gold Rushhh (Jordan Clearwater & Marshe Rockett) (w/ BLK Jeez & Tyrus)

Strictly Business is the #5 seed, as Gold Rushhh is #12. Tyrus gets on the mic before the match and tells the crowd to watch Jordan Clearwater take off his robe, but as this is happening Chris Adonis goes right behind him and puts on the Masterlock before the bell even rings. Marshe Rockett breaks it up, as Clearwater tries to come to his senses as the bell finally rings, and Adonis goes right after him before quickly tagging in Thom Latimer. Latimer and Adonis take turns tagging in and attacking Clearwater and trying pin attempts. Clearwater is able to hit a jawbreaker and make the hot tag to Rockett who attacks Latimer and Adonis in the corners, but Adonis is able to put the Masterlock on Rockett. BLK Jeez gets on the apron and distracts the referee, who doesn’t see that Rockett is tapping out. Tyrus takes advantage and tosses Adonis into the ring post, as Rockett hits a low blow on Latimer, followed by Clearwater hitting Latimer with Tyrus’ Television Championship. Rockett covers Latimer for the pinfall and the win.

Winners: Gold Rushhh (Jordan Clearwater & Marshe Rockett) by pinfall at 4:18, to advance

Pro Wrestling is Fixed

May Valentine is backstage with The Fixers, who start screaming in her ear. Jay Bradley says their chances of winning are great, as Wrecking Ball Legursky starts screaming and saying that The Great Muta & Sting are next, as Bradley tells him they aren’t in it. Bradley starts screaming that they have a new shirt that says, ‘pro wrestling is fixed’, and only have to win three matches to win this all.

The Crockett Cup First Round Match: The Ill Begotten (Alex Taylor & Rush Freeman) (w/ Jeremiah Plunkett) vs. The Commonwealth Connection (Doug Williams & Harry Smith)

Doug Williams & Harry Smith are seeded at #4, while The Ill Begotten are #13. Captain Yuma comes out with The Ill Begotten thinking he was in this match, but Danny Deals takes him and escorts him to the back, as Alex Taylor & Rush Freeman decide at the bell to be the two official members in this match. Williams and Smith start attacking before the bell, but Williams and Taylor start the match officially. Smith comes in as they hit double shoulder tackles to both Taylor and Freeman. Smith starts slamming Freeman down before tagging Williams back in. Ill Begotten keeps Williams in their corner, but he escapes out with a over-the-head suplex to Taylor before trying to tag to Smith, but Jeremiah Plunkett pulls Smith off the apron. Yuma makes his way back ringside, but Plunkett knocks him out as they take it through the crowd. Williams hits a European Uppercut off the second rope, before tagging in Smith who attacks both Taylor and Freeman, including a back body drop and power slam on Taylor, followed by a Saito Suplex for a two count that Freeman breaks up. Smith tosses Freeman to the outside and tags Williams back in as they hit a running power slam and flying headbutt combo, as Williams pins Taylor for the win.

Winners: The Commonwealth Connection (Doug Williams & Harry Smith) by pinfall at 6:38, to advance

The Crockett Cup First Round Match: Bad News Boyz (Brandon Tate & Brent Tate) vs. La Rebelion (Mecha Wolf & Bestia 666)

The NWA World Tag Team Champions La Rebelion are the #1 seed, while Bad News Boyz are #16 winning their way into the Crockett Cup during tonight’s pre-show. La Rebelion came out in some demonic priest gear while also holding the original NWA tag titles that David Crockett brought for them tonight. Brent Tate and Mecha Wolf start the match, but Wolf tags out to Bestia 666 right away. Brent takes him down with a couple arm drags, as Bestia tags back out to Wolf. Wolf starts chopping Brent in the ropes, but he tags out to Brandon. The Boyz start double teaming and tease diving to the outside, but Wolf moves out of the way. Wolf and Brent go face to face, but Bestia attacks him from behind as the referee seems distracted. La Rebelion starts double teaming, as Bestia hits a missile dropkick on Brent for a two. They keep Brent in their corner but take him out with double knees. Brent makes the hot tag to Brandon who hits a sliced bread on Wolf, a dive onto Bestia, before slipping off the rope when trying to attack Wolf inside. The Boyz hit a double dive to the outside, as they stay in control and hit their move called Space Jam on Wolf, but Bestia breaks it up. La Rebelion takes over and hits the Mark of the Beast on Brent as Bestia gets the pin and the win.

Winners: La Rebelion (Mecha Wolf & Bestia 666) by pinfall at 9:00, to advance

Matching Pants

May Valentine is backstage with The Cardonas and asks them what they think of their chances against The Fixers. Mike Knox says he feels great and tells The Pope that he is worried about his safety and hopes he doesn’t have a concussion, so he tells him to stop getting back in the ring. Valentine says Matt Cardona forced them into the tag team tournament and some say they aren’t a legitimate team. VSK says Matt can’t save the NWA by himself, so that’s where they come in to help and take over the tag team division. Knox says they need matching pants, and VSK says they are all coming together.

The Crockett Cup Quarter Final Match: The Fixers (Jay Bradley & Wrecking Ball Legursky) vs. The Cardonas (Mike Knox & VSK)

The Fixers were able to advance to the quarter finals prior to tonight, by defeating The OGK (Matt Taven & Mike Bennett) on an episode of NWA Powerrr Trip. Wrecking Ball Legursky comes out with Cookie Crisp cereal, as Velvet Sky begs him for it as it’s her favorite cereal. Jay Bradley and VSK start the match, with VSK using his speed before Bradley tosses VSK into Mike Knox, knocking them both to the outside. Legursky gets on the top rope, but it’s only a distraction as Bradley takes out The Cardonas on the outside. The Fixers keep VSK in their corner and drive him by the legs right into the ring post, but Knox runs in and tries to save VSK. VSK tries to fight his way out, but Legursky slams him back down and tags in Bradley. VSK keeps trying to escape and make the tag, but The Fixers keep him down. As they try a double suplex, Knox comes in to break it up. Legursky tries a Vader Bomb on VSK, but Knox drags VSK out of the way, and comes in and takes Legursky down as VSK hits the Frog Splash for the pin.

Winners: The Cardonas (Mike Knox & VSK) by pinfall at 7:03, to advance

The Crockett Cup Quarter Final Match: The Dirty Sexy Boys (JTG & Dirty Dango) vs. The Briscoes (Jay Briscoe & Mark Briscoe)

The Briscoes were able to advance to the quarter finals by beating The NOW during tonight’s pre-show. Mark Briscoe and Dirty Dango start the match with chops and forearms, before Dango gets knocked to the outside, as Jay Briscoe and JTG get involved with all four brawling on the outside. Mark grabs a chair and uses it to dive onto the outside. Mark starts hitting body shots on Dango, but Dango gets out with a boot and tags in JTG. JTG hits a sling blade on Mark for a two count, as Jay tags in and stomps JTG in the corner. The Briscoes keep JTG in their corner, as Mark puts on a Muta Lock. JTG fights his way out and makes the hot tag to Dango, who chops down Mark and hits a Falcon Arrow for a two count. Dango hits an Air Raid/DDT combo and dives onto them on the outside. JTG hits a lawn dart on Mark, but Mark fights back. Jay comes in as they hit the Redneck Boogie on JTG, but Dango breaks up the count. They knock Dango to the outside, as Jay hits the Jay Driller followed by the Froggy Bow by Mark on JTG for the pin and the win.

Winners: The Briscoes (Jay Briscoe & Mark Briscoe) by pinfall at 8:14, to advance

The Bigger Dog

May Valentine is backstage with Tyrus and BLK Jeez as Jeez says they are known for shocking and advancing in the Crockett, so after they win it, they will take the biggest bottles of Hennessey and drink it. Tyrus said they will save the partying and trash talking for after, but they have to be ready for The Crockett Cup and they need to get them ready. Tyrus says he’s confident for his match against Rodney Mack tomorrow and he has a lot of respect for him, and it pains him that he has to put him down, but there’s a bigger dog in the yard now.

The Crockett Cup Quarter Final Match: PJ Hawx vs. La Rebelion (Mecha Wolf & Bestia 666)

David Crockett replaces Velvet Sky for the rest of the show, as PJ Hawx comes out by himself to represent Hawx Aerie, as his father is out with a concussion. Mecha Wolf starts the match with PJ who starts screaming that he got this by himself. PJ hits a leap frog, and a drop kick to knock down Wolf. PJ keeps a waist lock on to keep Wolf grounded, but Wolf gets out by biting PJ’s face. PJ stays in control until Bestia takes him out from behind. Bestia stays in control before tagging in Wolf as they hit splashes to PJ in the corner for a two count. PJ comes back with a belly-to-belly suplex and tries to go for a tag, as there’s no one in his corner. Instead, PJ starts attacking Bestia, hitting a Fisherman’s Suplex for a two count. La Rebelion continue their double team moves including hitting their finisher, The Mark of the Beast, but PJ remarkably kicks out. La Rebelion hits it for a second time, and this time, Mecha Wolf is able to get the pin and the win.

Winners: La Rebelion (Mecha Wolf & Bestia 666) by pinfall at 7:26, to advance

The Crockett Cup Quarter Final Match: The Commonwealth Connection (Doug Williams & Harry Smith) vs. Gold Rushhh (Jordan Clearwater & Marshe Rockett) (w/ BLK Jeez)

Tyrus gets on the mic again and says to Gold Rushhh that it’s not time for fun and games and to take their opponents seriously and it’s time to separate the champions from the chumps. They explain that Tyrus isn’t at ringside for Gold Rushhh as he wasn’t authorized the first time, therefore told to stay back this time. Harry Smith and Jordan Clearwater start the match, with multiple takedowns and wrist locks. Smith continues to work on Clearwater’s arm and elbow before tagging in Williams who does the same. Clearwater fights out and tags in Rockett, who jumps off the top rope and hits Clearwater’s arm instead by accident. Smith and Williams double chop down Rockett, as Smith continues to attack him with a leg drop and snap suplex. Clearwater tries to come in but gets stomped out, which gives Rockett enough time to chop block Smith. Clearwater slams Smith’s knee against the ring post a couple times before Rockett continues attacking the knee. Clearwater and Rockett keep Smith in their corner, attacking Smith’s hurt knee by using the ropes to smash onto it. Smith hits an Enziguri to Rockett to escape and make the hot tag to Williams who meets Clearwater with an uppercut and clothesline in the corner, followed by an exploder suplex that Rockett breaks up the pin for. Williams hits the Tiger Driver on Clearwater but gets a two as Smith and Williams work on Clearwater with a power slam for a two count. Gold Rushhh try to double team Williams, but Williams moves as Clearwater takes out Rockett. Clearwater comes back with a running neckbreaker for a two count. Smith comes in and hits a sit out powerbomb followed by a piledriver from Williams on Clearwater for a two. Smith takes Rockett to the outside, as Williams traps Clearwater in an arm bar, until Clearwater taps out.

Winners: The Commonwealth Connection (Doug Williams & Harry Smith) by submission at 12:50, to advance

Hands Raised Twice

Kyle Davis invites La Rebelion to the podium and says it hasn’t been easy for them and asks how they are feeling about their odds of winning The Crockett Cup. Bestia 666 speaks in Spanish and Mecha Wolf translates it as they will be the next Crockett Cup winners. These tag teams they are facing are good, but the fact of the matter is that La Rebelion walked out with their hands raised twice tonight and they will come home to Tijuana, Mexico with the cup and they will fill it up with the greatest Tequila they can find and have a party and not invite anyone here tonight. They put tag team wrestling on the match, and that’s why the Briscoes and the other tag teams are here to face them. They again say they will walk out as the Crockett Cup winners.

The last twenty minutes are Joe Galli and William Patrick Corgan running down what happened tonight as well as tomorrow’s card.

The Crockett Cup, Night 2 Line-Up

· Crockett Cup Semi Final: La Rebelion (Bestia 666 & Mecha Wolf) vs. The Commonwealth Connection (Doug Williams & Harry Smith)

· Crockett Cup Semi Final: The Briscoes (Jay Briscoe & Mark Briscoe) vs. The Cardonas (Mike Knox & VSK)

· Crockett Cup Final: TBA vs. TBA

· NWA Television Championship: Tyrus (c) vs. Rodney Mack

· Fatal Four-Way for the vacant NWA Junior Heavyweight Championship: Colby Corino vs. Homicide vs. Darius Lockhart vs. Austin Aries

· NWA World Women’s Tag Team Championship: The Hex (Allysin Kay & Marti Belle) (c) vs. Kenzie Page & Ella Envy

· NWA National Championship: Anthony Mayweather (c) vs. Jax Dane

· NWA World Women’s Championship: Kamille (c) vs. Kylie Rae vs. Chelsea Green

· NWA Worlds Heavyweight Championship: Matt Cardona (c) vs. Nick Aldis (Special Guest Referee: Jeff Jarrett)