NXT Blackpool 2

An hour to go and interest in this seems low to zero,will watch it instead of Villa v City though.
Anyone else watching

I just started Prime Target.
Due to low interest I didn’t do a Prediction conthest. Actually not sure of any of the matches tbh

Villa vs city for me

Then demar game

Then NFL

I don’t follow NXT UK other than the Takeovers, but I’ll tune in for as long as my son can tolerate not having Baby Shark or Super Simple Songs on the TV.


lol. I just turned off some kids YouTube channel he found and started some math homework. Wondering if I can sneak this on iPad or that sets a bad example

Watching Villa v Man City - 3 quality goals so far.

Going to watch Takeover later though when the wifes watching Love Island

Mostly watching for Bate-Devlin and the tag ladder match that should be great regardless of the stories surrounding them. Did get a chance to watch the Prime Target, which are some of the best programs they do on the network. Not sure how much it drove my interest though. I haven’t seen enough of the weekly shows since the last Takeover.

Holy shit that was a great match.

In only 12 days 2020 has already given us 4 definite match of the year contenders.

Can’t wait to listen to BWE to tell me why that match was actually bad.

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Webster looks as threatening as a glass of milk

Appreciate that the crowd politely asked Andrews and Webster to “Please Don’t Die” and they answered immediately with a no.

I have no idea what their love with Gallus is all about. They were the worst choice coming out of that ladder match. Now WALTER is almost certainly getting the face reactions in this main event despite the redemption story for Joe Coffey and I think this match is going to suffer for it (other than just it having Coffey in it in the first place).

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You don’t include Naito vs Okada in that do you ?

The two WK mains and Ospreay/Takahashi.

We’ve now had two Joe Coffey main events on Takeovers and they’ve both gone at least 10 minutes too long each time.

Well that woke that crowd up.

Well…the main event wasn’t great…but at least they set up their card for 2 weeks from now well. Loved that sight of Undisputed Era surrounding and trying to take out Godzilla.

I’m hoping tonight is leading towards WALTER-Bate 2 at Takeover Tampa. I don’t know who else on this roster is even prepared to take the title from WALTER, but figure someone probably should so the title isn’t stagnating on just two guys over 4 years or something.

Just like to add - thought Tom Phillips was great on this show with Nigel. Shame he’s been the odd man out after all the announcing swaps.

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How many more Premier League fans or football (soccer) fans in general do we have on this forum? Lifelong Newcastle United fan here.

Agree… Imperium should have been the ones to win the ladder match. Hopefully soon though.

Liverpool fan here :wink:

City fan here. Yes you must hate me lol

Why would I hate you if you are a City fan? Newcastle and City hardly have any bad blood.