NXt call ups after wrestlemania

I feel every year, where waiting to see which NXT wrestlers will get call up on the raw and smackdown after mania. It’s always a big deal for the first week and then they get forgotten very quickly mostly because they can’t get over in front of a normal crowd.

So i’m thinking with the fact that they already did so many call up’s before mania and the fact that the superstar shake up is the following week this year, why not just forget about doing call ups this year and just focus on those you already did before mania.

It’s not like where in a rush to call up guys like the undisputed era and velveteen dream which quite frankly, i think will get lost in the shuffle anyway and in the case of dream, i feel he would join no way jose on the WWE main event rosters in no time.

So you already have a bloated roster on raw and smackdown and did a tone of call ups already, maybe instead of adding more peoples to the main roster after mania, maybe use that time to make the superstar shake up feel special for once. Maybe by announcing that on that show we will found out where the current crop of call up will end up. Or use this time to promote to shit out of the shake up.

As far as the shake up itself, i would love to see them go back to a draft lottery type of scenario where it’s completely random and also just bring back the GM already. The whole mcmahon family is running the show isn’t working so you could use the RAw and smackdown after mania to announce that they are stepping down and the going back to GM and making the brand split something special.

They really need a fresh start and those shows could be use for that fresh start. i think the biggest mistake they did was to put all the PPV co-branded as nothing feel special anymore.

Anyway this thread is going all over the place and i’m sorry for rambling but, their so much that is wrong with the WWE right now especially as far as the brand split is concern that i feel that you could use the first 2 weeks of tv after mania to completely overhaul the way both show are run, make them different and also maybe go back to single brand PPV at less for half of them.

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I bet we see velveteen dream.

which would be a waste and a dis service to him as he will get forgotten within a month or 2 when normal fans just don’t get the gimmick and Vince loses faith in him. He would be better off being call up after a month or two of vignettes being aired to introduce the character properly then being throw in on the raw after mania as a surprise. That did wonders for no way jose and tye dillinger.


Shayna can’t be too far behind especially now Ronda has turned heel.

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I agree with Psykohurricane that the recent call ups have been a waste and wouldn’t want to see more on the Raw after wrestlemania just for a one night pop.

But Shayna would be a call up that makes the most sense since she’s beaten everyone in NXT and Raw really needs a bad-ass heel since Charlotte will go back to Smackdown after WM.

As much as I like her, I dont see Shayna getting much of a shot on the main roster. Not the right look, and not good enough on the mic for Vince/Kevin Dunn

Shayna makes the most sense out of anyone. I disagree about “the look”. She’s also much better on the mic than a lot of people on the roster. Have you sat through a 5 minute Nia promo? Yeeeeesh.

Women’s division is in a desperate need of a shake up and Shayna is like late 30s so if they want any mileage, they should call her up soon. She’s also the perfect next opponent for Becky if Ronda is leaving.


Tamina gets tv time…how exactly would Shayna Baszler not benefit from being called up to the main roster?


No call ups after 'Mania this year seems like a good idea. They still are struggling to find TV time with guys they called up after 'Mania last year. I think we may see a slow erosion of the roster split over the next year, and you’ll see less restriction on what shows performers can be on. I like the idea of main roster performers showing up on NXT every now and again, and NXT guys getting called up when they are needed versus doing a big load of them all at once.

Tamina is “big” and is a second generation talent. What about Shayna would interest Vince at all? Don’t get me wrong, I think Shayna should be pushed and is a great talent but I think she will struggle the way things are currently set up on the main roster.

i always thought that Shayna got sign and push because she was Ronda’s friend. Don’t get me wrong she’s a great character and while her wrestling isn’t great, it’s better then good portion of the roster right now. If she’s ever called up, it would be to continue this whole MMA vs Wrestling storyline that they started with ronda/becky & charlotte. I wouldn’t be surprise if this would lead to something at summerslam with a four on four match.

She always going to be look at as ronda’s friend by Vince at less so i don’t think they would see anything big for her especially now that ronda is this bad ass bitch character and she’S doing a much better job at it then Shayna.

I’d really prefer the recent call-ups to be sorted out properly during the Superstar Shake-Up (assigned to Raw or Smackdown, as much or as little as that matters), and hold off on any additional call-ups until the summer. The soonest one I can see coming up is Shayna Baszler, to replace Rousey.

Though he’s been MIA on the main roster recently, I would like to see Gargano get a proper role during this. He shouldn’t be held back just because Ciampa is.

Vince knows about pushing legit bad asses who bully their opponents…she’ll be fine.