NXT Champion Karrion Kross loses to Jeff Hardy in Raw debut

Originally published at NXT Champion Karrion Kross loses to Jeff Hardy in Raw debut

Karrion Kross’ Raw debut resulted in a loss.

NXT Champion Karrion Kross made his Monday Night Raw debut on 7/19 and he went one-on-one with Jeff Hardy. The conclusion of the match saw Hardy rolling Kross up for the three count to pick up the win.

Dating back to mid-June, Kross had been competing in dark matches prior to SmackDown and Raw. Last week, he successfully defended the NXT Championship against Johnny Gargano and after his win, Kross choked out the special guest referee for the title match, Samoa Joe.


AND NO MORE WORDS IS BACK! pic.twitter.com/9XlLf3dBtQ

— WWE (@WWE) July 20, 2021

"@JEFFHARDYBRAND just made the biggest mistake of his life because in the end, everyone will fall and pray!"

The #WWENXT Champion @WWEKarrionKross sends a warning to the Charismatic Enigma!#WWERaw pic.twitter.com/QJUlYoRdgj

— WWE (@WWE) July 20, 2021

Following his loss to Hardy, Kross stated that it is only the beginning and everyone will soon “fall and pray”. Scarlett was not present for Kross’ Raw debut but she commented on the match via social media:

This is only the beginning. 😈#WWERaw

— Scarlett Bordeaux (@Lady_Scarlett13) July 20, 2021

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Karrion Kross’ Raw debut resulted in a loss.

The Undefeated monster who happens to be the NXT Champion just lost to a guy who hasn’t won a match in almost three months?



Of course he did, that’s the best way to debut guys. Especially an undefeated guy. Remember it’s not developmental it’s a third brand :laughing:



All ima say is
when Adam cole was on tv he pinned Daniel Bryan

Bayley The Goat🇧🇧 (@brooklyngohard7) July
20, 2021


Very confusing stupid booking. What on earth was that ?

I have to assume this is just the first chapter in a longer story between Hardy and Kross, but at the same time its never a good thing to have a guy loose his debut. Maybe its a test to see how he reacts backstage, I dont know.

I think it was a mistake, but Ill wait until the feud is over to judge.


Is Vince jealous of NXT that he has to say “gimme your toy” and proceeds to break it ?

I’ve seen lots of people criticizing Shotzi and Tegan Nox for having “no backstory” and “no character development” for their debut. But in my opinion, that’s a debut done right. Take two people with a cool look, put them in the ring and let them do all their coolest moves and WIN. They are already arguably the most over women’s tag team (a low bar to clear). As opposed to this counter-productive pomp of debuting guys just to bury them with losses.


Vince hates NXT because NXT didn’t do what Vince wanted it to on Wednesday’s. He also hates the adulation heaped on it because he isn’t in charge. This feels like a cross between how he treated WCW and the ECW Reboot (no pun intended).

The timing of this treatment of Kross is concerning with NXT’s upcoming few weeks on a different station. Hoping a month from now there is no impact to NXT, but this is a slippery slope as it remains the promotion produced most like Pandemic-Era now being pre-empted a few weeks.


He hates NXT because he’s not in charge. Exactly what I think.

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When it was celebrated as a huge success on the Network and Takeovers, he was fine with it. When he weaponized it for a feudal fight against an upstart promotion and it lost (sorry everyone, it did, especially given Vince’s intention for it), I think it turns into something he hates (but doesn’t control). This reminds me of when he brought in NWO to destroy his own creation…but he wants to destroy Hunter’s creation.

Somebody should do the journalistic piece on the history of NXT on USA and include things like the changes to Hunter’s role in the company in the company (remember the subtle demotion), as well as use of talent and when they stopped cross-promoting and recognizing the brand. I have ideas on what one would find but I’m not a capital J Journalist.


But what’s most mind-boggling is that HE IS IN CHARGE of it!

Unlike WCW or ECW, this was a WWE creation. It’s absurd and stupid if there is a legitimate internal struggle between the main roster and NXT.

When WWE used to bring in people to fill roles, at least it sort of made sense. Like sure, DDP as the Stalker who gets beaten down immediately is incredibly dumb - but it just fit a long history of non-WWE talent coming in with new gimmicks, and rebuilding in McMahon’s vision. Or Goldberg’s first run even. And countless others.

The regular dismissal of NXT by Monday and Friday night shows, makes no sense at all. It’s so easily solved my a Vince mandating how NXT is presented, or what characters he wants to see.


Why are you all so worried about this company’s inability to build young stars? Didn’t you hear that pop for Cena? Nothing to worry about, pal.


For me it has nothing to do with star making at this point. They don’t make stars, the WWE Universe is the #1 star, Cena told us last night.
I’m more interested in the shift away from prioritizing NXT and what that means for the brand, development of future talent, and those there now who could be entertaining and valuable members of a roster if used half-way decent.

Kross could come back a bigger star regardless of his debut. Plus, he’s not 40 nor has spent 10 years on WWE TV - really can’t judge a talent until either of those are true. He’s got 4 years to reach that main event scene. I think he will.


By no means do I think this spells disaster for Kross. However, it does go a long way to ensure he’s just seen as another warm body, as opposed to something special. Especially in the eyes of fans who have never seen him before (the majority of Monday viewers).

Yes and no; if they build him up from scratch (losing to Jeff Hardy is starting from scratch), it’s up to them to develop him into their own version that is viewed favorably. With everyone complaining about his portrayal on NXT, it should not be surprising to see them try something from scratch.
That he was with the title is more a shot at NXT than it is him. But fans tired of his act in NXT should be relieved to see him starting over. It’s a weird shade of gray.

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I think Kross can overcome it but we have to remember none of what he did on NXT mattered, this is a new guy.

It’s why I find it hard to get invested in anything related to NXT. None of it matters. It’s just a show where HHH and his friends get to try stuff


At least we know now that WWE changed Nikki Cross to Nikki A.S.H, because they didnt want people to associate her with the holder of their obvious jobber championship.

Vince treats NXT stars the same way he treated WCW stars and ECW stars. I get it’s ridicules because he owns NXT, but everyone has always said that if Vince didn’t create it, he won’t fully get behind it.

He’s made an exception for the Woman, but his attitude with the Men is the same as it’s always been.

Please do not take this post as any type of defence of Vince lol. He’s bat shit crazy at this point. I can’t imagine how frustrating it is working under him. I feel bad for Hunter, he probably wants to pull his hair out…oh wait lol.