NXT Chicago Prediction Contest

By the way the longest match last night was Gargano vs Ciampa and the shortest was the Womens Title match.

Current Standings

totopoulous 33
Rated_R_Poster 30
RedRaider07 30
Pickles0303 27
MJfromNJ 25
Psykohurricane 25
Meche 24
ChrisFromWV 21
RocketKing 20
POSTmaster 17
fyrooz4125 15
JT_Grizzle 15
AuthorOfPosts 14
CorSec99 9
Rexander 9
jmanyates 8
rick 8
A-Rob 7
Chris_Thunder 7
Dan 7
GerardGerard 7
Tom_R 7
Chris_Kent 6
nap3s 6

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Oh crumbs, this wasn’t the first one? Looks like some of us have some catching up to do heh

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At least I’m out of the basement in the standings.

Sorry Dan we started with the Greatest Royal Rumble.

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No need to apologize! Just an observation. It’s still fun :slight_smile:

Wohoo tied for second in points. I have a feeling that will change though after MITB. I’m not feeling very confident about my picks.