NXT edges out AEW in viewership for 11/25, 712,000 to 710,000

Originally published at https://www.postwrestling.com/2020/11/30/nxt-edges-out-aew-in-viewership-for-11-25-712000-to-710000/

The viewership numbers for last week’s AEW and NXT programs were delayed due to the Thanksgiving holiday. The numbers are now in and according to Showbuzz Daily, NXT edged it out viewership-wise with 712,000 viewers to AEW’s 710,000 viewers. AEW did a higher number in the 18-49 demographic and pulled in a 0.26 while NXT did a 0.20.

AEW Dynamite ranked in at the number seven spot in the top 150 programs on the night and NXT was ranked 25. The week prior to 11/25, the Wednesday night head-to-head was won by AEW.

NXT’s program featured the build to TakeOver: WarGames on December 6th. The men’s WarGames team has been rounded out and one-half of the women’s team is finalized. Ember Moon and Rhea Ripley joined Shotzi Blackheart’s team to face Candice LeRae, Toni Storm, Dakota Kai and Raquel Gonzalez inside WarGames.

On AEW’s show, the build to their ‘Winter Is Coming’ show continued as Jon Moxley signed the contract to make he and Kenny Omega’s AEW World Title match official. The show also included a segment during which Taz choked Cody Rhodes after Rhodes made mention of Taz’s son ‘Hook’ training with him instead of his father. Hook was a part of the segment as well.

POST Wrestling has reviews up of both AEW and NXT’s latest shows and to hear a recap of either, click on the highlighted show names.

Interesting…while both shows definitely have their base, it’s cool to see the the trends when it comes to fans who go back and forth.

Is that the closest the demo has been in a long time? I remember when AEW used to kill them in that number. Either way, I love it. Back and forth is good for the industry, hopefully both numbers rise as We move forward.

NXT is consistently the better show so that doesn’t surprise me.


Uh Oh…I feel like you just opened the floodgates with that comment lol.

Pretty sure they had another close exchange in the demo a few weeks ago.

Although 7th place vs 25th place doesn’t feel that close.

I dont put too much stock in what place they got, but rather the numbers themselves. (.26 to .20) is a hell of a lot closer then what it was just a couple months ago. September 16th for example it was (.34 to .18) which is almost double.

Fair enough.

Although, I do think this number is an outlier, as it’s the eve of a major holiday in the US.

Very possible. IMO, its just cool to see it close, I like it when it goes back and forth opposed to one side dominating (regardless of which side is winning). I feel like it brings out the best in both brands, though AEW and NXT usually put on pretty good weekly shows compared to the main roster.

Very strange numbers, I don’t get the logic behind it.

What do you mean?

I think NXT has done a great job with the new set up, feels very fresh.

AEW I think has the much better stories and promos but Daily’s Place is feeling a bit tired. I’m not sure it’s possible to do so but if they could change venues or at least freshen up the look that might draw more viewers.

I don’t know. Usually when NXT beats AEW, you can understand why (Halloween havoc, main roster talents, keith lee vs adam cole) but here I don’t know why.


Gotcha…could be for the reason @Paul_Scaltro gave in that it could be that a lot of fans are liking NXT more lately. Or it could just be fluke. Who knows. I’m curious what next weeks rating is.

I mean to me this is NXT staying steady at around 700k and AEW having a down week. So I don’t know if that is their audience doing something else last week, or not liking the current stories as much. These numbers don’t to me say “wow a ton of people switched shows.” They say “wow a bunch of people tuned out.”

I’m referring to the demo number, not so much the overall rating.

It was actually Thanksgiving (right?). I think AEW trained their audience they don’t do nothing special with their sets on holidays (big mistake, in my opinion), while NXT did wonders for Halloween, so I can see how people would like to tune in (although I gave up on their product I’ve heard nothing but positive stuff about this show and lately this is not the case).

I think the Observer analyzed the audiences a long time ago. The AEW audience is younger and more people sit together in front of a television than the NXT audience which is mainly an older guy watching by himself. I think the theory that it was the eve of a holiday explaines why AEW dropped.

Any news on the Canadian numbers?

That wouldn’t explain why NXT was so close in the demo though. Also, I would imagine the theory of multiple people watching together would be a “pre covid” analysis, or at least I would hope so.

This is an odd week, I’m very curious what next week looks like.

Thanksgiving is on Thursday.

Other than younger kids being allowed to stay up a bit later than normal to watch, it doesn’t seem to me like the holiday would affect things much this year. Traditionally, the day before Thanksgiving is a huge bar/restaurant day, because so many 20-somethings are “back in their hometown” for the holiday. So even though this tradition (hopefully) took a big hit this year, I would guess that Thanksgiving would negatively affect the numbers, if anything.