NXT in Canada

Hey fellow self-isolated Canucks.

Since wwe network is a channel up here I was looking at the guide and there is no nxt scheduled for Thursday when it normally drops.

Is this a scheduling mistake or are we only getting the abridged nxt on Friday on sportsnet 360?

Yeah I noticed that too. I’m guessing it is probably available through the app? But very odd not to see it on the schedule at all

On my guide, I don’t see any scheduled NXT episode on the Network this week but it’s gonna probably be made available on demand rather quickly. The 1-hr NXT on SN360 is scheduled as usual.

I Still don’t see nxt listed on the guide.

The “missing” episode was on tonight. Now we are 1 week behind in canada on the network. Is this Rogers flexing its muscle to force us to watch the 1 hour abridged format on Fridays, on Rogers Sportsnet 360?

On top of that Rogers is raising the network fee by $2, among raising cable fees and internet fees. I haven’t heard anything about them cancelling these planned increases due to the pandemic. They are giving us free long distance though, and a couple free, crappy channels.


Nxt on the network is a big selling feature. It was staggered 24 hours before, which worked out perfect for me as I would watch AEW on TSN (Bell media) on Wednesdays now it’s a full week behind.

Maybe I should pull a @wai0937 and switch providers.

Anyone know anything on this?

Got my answer from Dave Meltzer in today’s daily update.

“For those who have asked about changes in getting to see NXT on the WWE Network in certain countries, there are cities where the first-run is delayed based on local television contracts that the local station put in to protect their television rights.”

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The same things happening in the uk.

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What’s the revised schedule over there? I wonder why they started enforcing this now, all of a sudden? We had nxt on terrestrial tv at the same time it went live on usa. We would get it 24 hours later. Now its 8 days later.

It’s like Vince literally started reading all his contracts this past two weeks.

We have it live in the early hours of the morning over here on BT Sport but it’s only been on since the start of the year, this past week for some reason my box didn’t record it so it was the first time I noticed it wasn’t on the network.

I noticed the same thing. I have Shaw and noticed this the other week. I hate to watch on my laptop. My guide has it at 7pm (PST) on Wednesday. I watched the sportsnet version and only had two matches and chopped up the main event in weird ways. Was listening to the review and was like what that happened and oh that is why there was a weird cut. I can understand holding back a couple days but a week is too long.

I don’t understand it from Rogers point of view. It’s their channel showing NXT and they also distribute the Network so not sure why they’d want to kill interest in that brand.

Just another step in the major cooling off of NXT in 2020. Feels like very little happens from week to week

We do not have a (legal) way to watch NXT live in Canada.It’s on the WWE Network tonight at 10p and an edited one hour version airs tomorrow night (I think at 7p… It’s either right before or right after SD) on Sportsnet 360. teatv shareit

The episode on tonight is last weekend’s full episode. The one on Friday right before SD is the current one.

I just don’t get why the change happened out of the blue and like @TheBenjamin said Roger’s is sort of shooting themselves in the foot. I think Vince started looking at contracts and realized he was airing shows on the network before he aired them in local tv. Still, a full week is s long time for uncut nxt to air on the network.