NXT Invasion

I was kicking around the idea with my friends of doing an NXT/Main Roster Invasion.

With the current roster of NXT, it would be a great way to have some dream matches without messing up booking by bringing up the NXT stars and not having the room to do those feuds.

You could have a Champion v Champion story-line with all the titles, maybe a North American vs US Title, NXT Champion v Universal, Women’s and Tags included as well.

What do you think this would look like? I’m curious to see how you would book the matches, do you have it like Survivor Series with elimination matches or do you do a straight PPV with some multi-man tag matches built in as well?

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I am for an invasion but it would be more logic with Triple H’s two shows : 205 live invading NXT. It would give a huge boost to 205 live. I would do it when most important feuds are done.

Invasions never work for the invaders.

These scenarios are short sighted and will drive people nuts with their second guessing arm chair booking.

What does NXT gain if they win? What does the main roster gain if they win? What’s it even matter if it’s all owned by ONE guy?

I only think it works if you don’t make it all current NXT guys. Maybe do a deal like they did in that great segment when the ECW guys joined the alliance.

But unlike the alliance, they’d actually need to give the invaders some big wins to make the credible. If not, then it’s an ultimately pointless endeavor (ala The Nexxus). :100:

Why couldn’t it be Hunter finally making a coup for the Top Dog in WWE. You could still have Vince in the Storyline. Have it be if NXT wins the PPV, Hunter take over the company from Vince and in turn have some motivation to his NXT stars for helping him take over the company.

You don’t have to do it anytime soon, but maybe around the time Vince is finally ready to step down, and have NXT actually win the whole damn thing?

Would turn into a boring board meeting if that was the case.

Last thing I want to watch is McMahons in the ring using corporate buzzwords.

Sadly i fell it would be compare to the first NXT invasion they did when they created the Nexus out of the cast of the first season of NXT. Plus in the end, if you are doing a NXT invasion on the main roster, Logically, The main roster guys have to win the war in the end and send the invaders packing which doesn’t help the NXT guys at all and will make them look weak later on.

The only way this would make sense is if you did it with another Network show like 205 Live or NXT U.K. That way whoever ever wins the conflict in the end looks strong and the loser doesn’t look weak in the process because they are on the same level.

In any invasion storyline you could dream up (NXT, TNA, NJPW, ROH), the invaders would be treated by the crowd like the babyfaces and the whole thing immediately gets shot to hell. As soon as WWE becomes the less-cool faction to cheer for, Vince bags the whole thing.

As he should.

Perception is reality.

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Because their not suppose to be the babyface in this story, the invaders are ALWAYS suppose to be the Heel so if they are threated as babyface by the crowd, i don’t blame Vince to drop the whole thing because that means that the angle isn’t working.

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Nobody wins in an invasion. The winners win, and then what? They win and the losers just go back to doing what they were doing? And then the losers are losers, why would I want to watch a bunch of losers?

Who is babyface and who is heel? That’s why Raw vs. Smackdown doesn’t work. I never want to see another invasion angle. Factions are fine, but a full on invasion? No thank you.

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