NXT likely moving to Tuesday

Source - https://twitter.com/matmenpodcast/status/1366834447472095236?s=21

Great news if true. Makes sense that the Wednesday night wars end as soon as it’s available in Canada :yum:

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I used to listen to The Mat Men podcast and it was okay.

But I don’t think they ever accurately reported an actual news story. So I’ll wait for somebody more reliable to confirm.


Yeah, I give John and Wai my money each month in strong part because they’re one of the few sources in wrestling journalism I know we can trust any time they actually put something out there and there’s very few others I put in that circle…so I think I’m gonna wait until that’s reported here before I have any sort of reaction lol.

On his show today Alvarez was pretty confident that the move is already a done deal.

Now, what it will mean to NXT and AEW viewership is a bit hazy to me. Both shows reportedly have large DVR numbers. The idea that being on separate nights will mean fewer will DVR and more will watch (each show) live makes sense, but until we get the real data I’ll remain cautious of anything more than a moderate bump. The bump may be larger for NXT than for AEW, because Tuesday’s TV audience on the whole is larger.

Now hockey could pose a minor threat to AEW. NXT is being moved for hockey if anything. AEW has a hard time competing with real sports (similar to how the NFL takes a bite out of Raw on Mondays.)

As for my own viewing, I gave up on NXT shortly after they went to USA. The original NXT caught my attention but IMO it has gone downhill since the move to USA.

I think it is a bit overstating to compare the NHL to the NFL. Monday Night Football has well over ten million viewers each week. While Wednesday Night Hockey just had 633K for a game, which was a high for over a year. I doubt that a switch of networks will jump their ratings that much.