NXT Takeover : Chicago LIVE Discussion Thread

20 Minutes to ShowTime!

I always wondered why Fozzy wasn’t getting some songs on these shows.

Is that the punter from the Colts?

Sure is. I think he’s pretty funny at this stuff.


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What the hell is the punter celebrating? Downed the ball inside the 10? (and losing by 14 points)

Pretty much the only thing a punter can celebrate about. Downing the ball inside of the 10. Btw, I’m looking forward to the eventual feud between Adam Cole and KOR.

Lorcan gets the crowd on his side like every match now.


Any idea of any surprises in the crowd? Keith Lee, IO Shirai, or Toni Storm?

Could be all or any of them? What!! Kairi!

Btw, we’ve seen Candice Lerae take an Indytaker on the floor and a spiked-superkick to the face. But she gets KO’d by Gargano landing on her?

That’s all I need to see … ya do a flip over the rope and land on your feet. uh-maze-ing

Yeah, that was ridiculous!! This is going to be the match of the night.

Solid they have the Nakamura to the nuts move already in there … good way to advertise the game.

I can kinda see Dream going over in this match. IMO, he needs the win more than Ricochet.

ricocheted him to the floor there

not sure a W or L affects either that much, they could probably draw and the crowd would be cool as long as they like the match

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that’s been teased for 84 years and finally someone hits it … holy hell!!!

Is the Sanity remix CD like 13 songs long?