NXT Takeover: New Orleans

After the last takeover special, i realize how tired i was of watching the NXT product as a whole and i decided to try something new. Watch a NXT Takeover Special without having watch a single episode of NXT leading up to the event.

I want to see if not watching the build up to the matches would make me appreciate the matches more or if i will still get bored with the product.

On Paper, this look like a really strong card, in fact, it look like one of the stronger card they had in quite awhile, so i really can’t wait to see what will come out of the show and the experience as a whole.

So i’m just wondering, did you guy ever stop watching a product because you got tired of it and just started watching the big events and what was you’re enjoyment of the event.

Also, if you want to write about which match you’re looking forward the most on this show, mine is the Champa vs gargano match and the Black vs almas main event mostly because i’m a big fan of Black and i really hope he wins the title on saturday.


I’m the same way with NXT. Not on purpose, just something that happened when my (now) wife and I moved in together. To be honest, I’d probably never see an entire Raw or Smackdown if not for the magic of DVR.

Anyway, the NXT thing… I love tuning into just the big events. For me, it’s like watching a really well funded independent show. Nothing wrong with just watching two hours and change of solid (at worst) wrestling on a Saturday night (or Sunday morning). If anything, it probably makes the finishes a little more unpredictable and I think it gives me better perspective when somebody gets the call to the main roster. I see things a little more like the vast majority of fans that watch the weekly television but not much else.


I do this with Ring of Honor. Haven’t seen a TV show in months but watch every ppv and big show. It’s heightened my enjoyment. They do a great job buildingbshow to show. I’d imagine NXT does too but no do like NXT television

I’m probably a little different from most as I can easily watch a PPV ‘cold’ without watching the lead up and still enjoy it. It’s akin to going to a smaller local show. Obviously these small companies don’t have TV and even some promo build up is limited on the live shows so often the matches is all there is.

Don’t get me wrong, if I were in charge of booking of a TV product I would be absolutely booking the living hell out of my characters and storylines leading up to my big shows. If I have 14 matches at my show, I’d get all 14 of them ‘revved up’ for the PPV (I think they’ve at least ‘tried’ for WrestleMania here).

NXT does a pretty good job of doing this. Obviously it’s easier with (is it 5 Takeovers a year now?) and with only 5 matches.

I think the thing that’s severely holding back characters and storylines is the PG, PC environment now. Look at many of the popular TV shows as of late. Many of the stories of these shows are well past PG. When those restrictions are in place in ‘corporate’ wrestling, the ‘stories’ are going to be dull and repetitive.

I think you (one) could easily watch Takeover and completely enjoy the show. One reason is these matches have wrestlers that usually have tons of experience in this craft (admittedly I didn’t double check all this, but I think 12 of the 18 wrestlers on this NXT show have around 10+ years of experience and the other 6 have at least appeared on someone’s show before), Secondly, these takeover matches get time so everyone can do his/her thing. Thirdly, the NXT crowd (especially at Takeovers) is usually unbelievably good which can easily help a ‘cold’ watcher get into the matches.

I’m ‘5 for 5’ in ‘pumped for’, but if you made me pick 1, I’m with ya on Ciampa/J. Wrestling

My question is what closes the show? Think you could argue that it should be the NXT title match but think Gargano/Ciampa should have that honour.

Same here… but I’m genuinely baffled that people don’t enjoy regular NXT TV. It’s the only show I’ve watched in full regularly over the past year or so. I am starting to watch 205 Live again but that’s on probation pending quality assessment. :rofl:

What is it about the weekly NXT show that’s turning you guys off? Because I tend to think it’s the best weekly wrestling show in existence.

I was referring to ROH tv not NXT. Just comparing my experience with ROH to the initial posters question. I enjoy weekly tv but if you just watch the big shows you can be all caught up and still enjoy the product. The weekly tv is gravy on this.

Personally, i’m just not a fan of this type of wrestling on a regular bases, that’s why i normally recorded 205 live and play it in the background while i’m doing something else. I still like some of the wrestlers on the show, mostly those that have interesting characters but watching the product on a regular bases for me pretty much expose how formulaic the Takeover specials have become and that’s why i’m not a fan of the show as much as i use too.

Also i feel like the fan reaction are kinda of a problem for my enjoyment of the product as a whole. I love to see fan hate a heel when he show up for a match but nine times out of ten, the heel gets as big of a cheer as the babyface so what’s the point of watching the match if i’m just watching 2 guys wrestling each other in a choreograph fight. You could tell the best babyface vs heel story in the world and it wouldn’t matter because in the end, both guys are getting cheered, so this takes away for my enjoyment of the show as well.

Oh no, I got that. I quoted you because I do the same thing with ROH. The big monthly shows give me more than enough information to appreciate the story and since I quit watching ROH weeklies I’ve appreciated the monthly in-ring product more, to the point that I almost convinced myself to start watching the weekly show again… but then I remembered I’ve danced this dance before and always get bored of the weekly shows and just end up not watching ROH at all for a while after that.

I can see how the way I structured my question might make you think I thought you weren’t enjoying NXT but that wasn’t my intention, sorry for the confusion.

I’m with you on the crowd response to certain guys, for sure, but that’s universal in wrestling now (at least in Western wrestling, and to a certain extent in the Japanese product to; see LIJ) so I don’t really get how you watch anything and don’t get annoyed at the crowd cheering a heel. I’ve just got to the point now where I’m willing to let it go. I mean it infuriates me when a guy like Tomasso Ciampa will get support from the crowd when he’s legitimately done nothing since returning to deserve it, and the people taking shots at Gargano drive me nuts because he’s clearly the face, he’s obviously very talented and I see no reason not to allow this story to play out how it’s intended. The way I see it, you boo a heel because he’s good at being a heel, if you cheer him he’s failing at his job… but some fans don’t see it that way and I’m not going to be able to convince them so I just try to ignore it.

Adam Cole Baby might need a new suitcase.

Defeat 5 other guys in a ladder match to win the NXT N. American belt, defeat two other tag teams to win the Dusty Rhodes trophy as well as defend the NXT Tag belt that he wasn’t carrying around, grab a quick nap, then join up with Strowman to take the RAW tag team belts, and then defeat John Cena to capture the Undertaker’s Urn.

(card subject to change)

How Adam Cole can’t come out of this with all the attention is beyond me. Even if he isn’t winning I imagine they’ll have him put on a really strong performance overall.

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