NXT Takeover: New York live discussion thread

NOTE: Not the feedback thread. That will come up later tonight for everyone where this live chat will be strictly for Cafe members.

Tonight will such a great night for wrestling. Only five matches, two and a half hours at best. Let’s enjoy this show tonight and give our thoughts on it here!

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If ppl want to follow along my trip to BK to see he BDE Live and in Person and I’ll try to story in Insta I’m at m_j_gel

VERY excited to get my Mania weekend off with a BOOM

Bay Bay!

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I’ve have had this bloody song stuck in my head all week. :slight_smile:

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I, admittedly, have been pretty cold on NXT as of late but I’m super super excited for Cole/Gargano. Big Adam Cole fan, and though I don’t think there’s a very good chance he wins tonight I’ll still be hoping.


My personal favourite Takeover is New Orleans from last year with Gargano vs Ciampa being my all time favourite nxt match. This card is stacked & it may well surpass last years show.

I’m sorry but the pre-show was terrible. Roberts sucked and the Barstool guys look like a fkin composition notebook.

Corey’s face for this tho!!! looool “Why did they book me to host this crap?”

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Recently got the Network for old WCW/WWF stuff, this will be the 2nd NXT event I’ve watched (was at the Toronto one). Looking forward to Dream/Mathew.

Love commentary on NXT, giving credit to the great Japanese greats like Kenta Kobashi.

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Wonder if this comes you of AJ Styles pay?!

Good god what a main event good god what a card

Oh my God Ciampa

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That has to be one of the greatest main events I have seen as a wrestling fan. The most gut-wrenching, goosebumping, match probably ever.

I can’t fathom any show topping this. And its still so early in the year. But no matter what New Japan or AEW comes up with, its gonna be near impossible to beat this nearly flawless card. If I had any criticism it might be the women’s match where the finish felt a little flat, but I think the story there was to kickstart a program between Io and Kairi which has tons of potential.

Also: Kushida.


There’s no way Vince will like Matt Riddle, right? I mean, I’m only 14 months older than Riddle, and I think he’s an obnoxious stoner jackoff.

Perhaps the most consistent Takeover ever for me, from top to bottom.

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I didn’t realize it was on Friday and not Saturday. Serves me right for just assuming. When I realized all that was left on the card was the NXT Women’s Fatal Four Way and the NXT Champion 2 out of 3 Falls.

Happy to say I have watched the whole card and it really exceeded my expectations. It is hard for me to decide on my match of the show.

NJPW / ROH and Wrestlemania have a long road ahead if they want to compete with NXT this weekend.

I keep thinking about RVD when I think about how Riddle will fare on the main roster. One the one hand, Vince DID make the decision to put RVD over Cena back at the One Night Stand and I don’t recall ever hearing what the plans were for him but that was a pretty big deal.

On the other hand, he was never presented nearly as well as he was back on ECW proper and they just fell back into that stoner, “whatever man…” type promo.

Fascinating case to consider.

It is a good thought but Riddle with his mma stuff is way better than RVD. I never loved RVD - no real psychology just a bunch of moves and he was sloppy.

I feel like even those he’s a stoner Riddle with his crisp MMA type offends may be better treated.