Dream is such a character. Always knew Patrick Clark would do big things.


Just going to say it… Percy’s been pretty decent on commentary in a 2 man booth tonight.


Couple of botched spots but overall another good match.

Where is Nigel?

I miss Nigel but I agree Percy and Mauro have been just fine.

They said he’s sick

I was thinking the same thing.

What’s next for Ohno? He’s great in his role but he needs something otherwise he’s just gonna lose his edge.

Velveteen dream and Mandy Rose from tough enough going on to big things

Maybe Nigel has been preparing for his 205 live new GM role

Dream as a character continues to impress with his presence and showmanship. Great match. Struggled to get Ohno up a few times, which I think is more down to timing than Dream not being strong enough.

Ohno generally gets great matches out of nearly everyone he faces because he’s that good.

Elbow drop was great whilst he was flying off the pillar from behind the top turbnuckle, but the aesthetic was ruined by him landing with his foot first, which took away from how the impact looked on Ohno’s chest.

Title change coming!

I’m in favor of AOP coming up to the main roster and backing Rollins in something with The Club. Shield 2.0 and he plays as the Architect

Don’t be surprised if the Eclipse gets countered into a choke and Baszler wins

Not sure if they’ll ever have huge plans for Ohno. Think they have him there as a guy to have good matches and bring some experience.

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Agreed, they called him the “gatekeeper” of NXT and it seems that will be his roll. Making up and comers look like superstars. meh, not everyone can be the greatest, i think he works well in this roll.

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Damn that was awesome. Shayna giving the women’s division a much needed shot in the arm.

I quite enjoyed that match great story told and Baszler comes out of it looking strong

A faultless show so far a really really great show at this point

That was a really cool and interesting match. Very different than any women’s match I’ve seen. Very good way to make Shayna look like a total bad ass and highlight her MMA backround, while also making Ember look tough as nails. It wasn’t the fast paced spot fest that some matches are but it was done very well. Pleasantly surprised!

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