NXT tops AEW in total viewers, AEW wins among key demos again

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Last Wednesday’s cable ratings were released on Monday with both AEW and NXT taking a hit on Thanksgiving Eve while reflecting the same outcome as the week prior.

For the second straight week, NXT had more overall viewers while AEW won all but one of the key demos including the 18-49 category.

NXT averaged 810,000 viewers, which was down 12% from the week prior and did a 0.24 in the 18-49 demo. This was the episode following NXT TakeOver: War Games. There was also an eight-minute overrun for NXT with the show lasting 128 minutes.

AEW had a larger drop with overall viewers averaging 663,000 viewers on TNT and down 26%. In the 18-49 demo, they did a 0.26 and were tied for 13th on the night among cable programs.

The only demo where NXT defeated AEW was among adults over 50 where they had a commanding 0.40 to 0.25 win among that category.

NXT’s over 50 audience was the only demo that stayed even among the two shows from last week. Every other category was down for the shows.

The biggest losses for AEW were among males 18-49 and 12-34 with drops of 37% for each with adults 18-34 down 36%. The audience they retained most was adults over 50, which were down 14% from last week.

NXT saw their females 12-34 fall 42%, people 18-34 down 37%, and males 12-34 down 25%.

Below is the breakdown of all the categories with comparisons to last week’s figures:

PEOPLE 18-49
AEW: 0.26 (-33%)
NXT: 0.24 (-20%)

AEW: 0.19 (-27%)
NXT: 0.17 (-23%)

MALES 18-49
AEW: 0.33 (-37%)
NXT: 0.31 (-20.5%)

PEOPLE 18-34
AEW: 0.16 (-36%)
NXT: 0.12 (-37%)

AEW: 0.10 (-33%)
NXT: 0.07 (-42%)

MALES 12-34
AEW: 0.17 (-37%)
NXT: 0.15 (-25%)

PEOPLE 25-54
AEW: 0.28 (-33%)
NXT: 0.27 (-23%)

AEW: 0.25 (-14%)
NXT: 0.40 (Even)

I’d say I would have been suprised if AEW did managed to pull it up again this week. NXT had HUGE momentum coming from Survivor Series, while this week AEW show was a bit lackluster. Also, one big mistake I think they are making is pushing two of their top acts in The Young Bucks and Lucha Bros a bit too much down the card. Especially Lucha Bros that had been presented as killers, are suddenly feuding with Best Friends who were jobbing in every episode so far, if my memory serves me right.

Also they have problem of introducing new talent, PLUS I also see a tendency of some way too cartoony gimmicks like Brandy and Kong, combined with THE BUTCHER and THE BLADE (as the most fresh example). I am actually curious to see how are the segments with them pulling in the demos. I think it is something that the WWE fans will like, but there are fans that stopped watching/are complaining of WWE because of stuff like that.

So the moral of this story is that around vacation time young people have other things to do, and older people will still watch TV.

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The build up to Survivor Series and the PPV itself built up interest for NXT (for last week’s episode at least) but I still didn’t expect them to win again. I assumed it’d be back to normal seeing as no main roster stars were promoted for the show. AEW put on a pretty poor episode last week so the regular viewers who skipped it, made a good call.

And now I’ve remembered how the ratings work and have stopped caring about all of this unreliable nonsense.

I agree - it was a bad episode of AEW. Hopefully they bounce back

If there was ever a time to put out your worst episode of Dynamite, it would have been that week.

Since WWE saw fit to have their “Developmental” (And I use that term loosely) brand go over their 2 main roster brands at Survivor Series, interest was also going to be high.

What I hope AEW do is learn as to what is working and what is not and rectify it.

Wouldn’t surprise me if they hot shotted this rumoured War Games type match however.

I hope they don’t overreact. A slow consistent build to make more stars will pay off in the long run. The Cody and Jericho stuff was money and they were on top for that. Need to get some more guys heated up. This 50:50 stuff isn’t working

As someone who only watches AEW. No excuses, NXT was dominant. I hope that changes because AEW puts on a very good show every week. Theyre not always perfect shows but to me, its always better than the same old same old the WWE always puts on

See that doesn’t hold any weight with me. You’ve said every episode has sucked and everything from Orange Cassidy to Marko Stunt is killing the business.

NXT went over huge at a big ppv, hurting RAW and Smackdown (who both had bad numbers) so if that’s something WWE is happy with then good for them I guess.

AEW needs to be better but I expect a good number this week

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Ive said parts of each episode have sucked.

I’m a bit old school - organge Cassidy and Marko will never appeal to me.

That being said I’ve loved some parts of AEW including Cody and Jericho build and some of the tag matches etc.

RAW didn’t get the SS bump. Did NXT? Maybe - we shall see. That being said I did think this weeks AEW was the worst episode they have had yet. NXT wasn’t great either but it was better

Meltzer take. Seems like it’s more important than what I thought which was just a small bump in the wrong direction bc NXT seemed hotter coming out of SS

No I thought Meltzer is on the AEW payroll because he’s going on the cruise, right?

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The real story here is how many weeks in a row can Meltzer report a ‘negative’ fact about AEW’s ratings before the “OMG, Dave said something bad about AEW” tweets finally die?

I still don’t think it’s that big a deal - yes they lost and the demos were down. But it started in my opinion poorly and people may have tuned out. An extended Jericho talking segment with his dad and Virgil who can barely speak English properly is polarizing. Some people liked it. I didn’t. I would have flipped to NXT at that point it if was live.

The quarters will be interesting.

I think both shows need a string opening to get the audience hooked right away