NXT UK Takeover: Blackpool FEEDBACK

Hi all,

We’ll be recording a special BWE not long after Takeover finishes. Please post your feedback here!




Loved having this show to watch today as I’m stuck doing work all weekend. The show was strong and the crowd SUPER fun. For the North American fan that I am, jealous I can’t see a show with this atmosphere.

Mustache Mountain is a ready-for-main roster tag team. They are perfect together and the eventual breakup story should be a real tear jerker

Balor was a nice surprise even if it was telegraphed. Do you think he has a better use on this brand and would he really help elevate this brand visibility. I’ll trade you him for Mustache Mountain on Raw!

I don’t know how I feel about two Aussies fighting for the Women’s UK title. So I thought I’d ask how the UK guys feel about it?

Fun show, would watch future specials. Not sure I’m sold on weekly show as I tried to binge a few on the network before the TakeOver and they all seem the same

Elliott from London.
Atmosphere couldnt have been better,crowd was awesome throughout.The dipper in the tag match had fantastic heel heat and all 4 guys worked their arses off.Bate and Seven’s Bulldog tributes were nicely done.
Balor v balor was a nice treat however not sure it helps NXT UK bringing in main roster guys when there are many unknowns on the roster.
Mastiff match was acceptable as was the womens match,actually thought Tony Storm was pretty impressive but needs to work on her facials,im sure trainers and guys on the roster can help her out with this.
Main event started slow but got better and i have to blame Coffey as Dunne has been nothing but great since i 1st saw him.
a couple of great near falls and a are you watching vince mcmahon(sing it) before a twice botched finish im guessing.
Great event now off to watch the Desmond Wolfe story

Hold on its Walter

Chris from Queensland, Australia.

A good show overall, but honestly felt about on par with the first NXT US Special (Arrival). I’m not sure if the crowd just sat on their hands or were Mic-ed baldy but they sounded quite from the 3rd match onwards.

While I enjoyed the surprise of Bàlor vs Devlin the match deserved a better build for a teacher vs student. Mastiff v Dennis just felt like it went too long and why did Dunne v Coffey keep going to the same corner to fall outside, surely if the corner was slippery they’d go to another corner, right?

Finally, I honestly thought that Rhea Ripley would hold onto the Championship until Tegan Nox was able to challenge, but I happy for Toni Storm to win after a tough month outside the ring. Lastly I’m glad to see Grizzled Young Veterans get the win over the more popular choice of Moustache Mountain.

7 outta 10!

Question: Do you prefer that NXT UK holds their Takeover’s in the same months as their US counterparts or be held in their own months? (For example the US Takeover’s won’t be moving from the big 5 weekends, but hold UK Takeover’s on months outside the big 5).

In response to MJ FROM NJ

Well SmackDown just had a Japanese man and a Bulgarian man fight for the United States Championship, it’s fine. Besides would you reather Toni & Rhea had been put on NXT US? Remember it’s WORLD Wrestling Entertainment.

Tyler from Orlando,

Thought the tag match was excellent as expected, Tyler Bate is incredible, water is wet.

Finn Balor was genuinely a surprise to me, a match between him & Devlin has always intrigued me, it was great but I feel it really made Travis Banks feel forgettable.

Mastiff & Dennis actually surprised me, it was a great no DQ match between 2 big guys, Dennis still needs new gear though.

Rhipley & Storm was also good, didn’t see Toni winning but happy for her.

Lastly, Dunne & Coffey was a stellar main event. I watch NXT UK every week and Gallus is the best thing on the show. I now hope NXT UK goes to 1 episode a week rather than 2.

For 600 days I haven’t thought of a superstar that should take the title off Dunne, that is until the post match angle when Walter made his debut, I now think this is how the reign should finally end, can’t wait until Walter starts kicking ass in the WWE.

That show was worth watching just for the balor swerve pop and entrance. Amazing. Amazing crowd. Although at times felt like they wanted to be the show. Walter coming in at the end was just so great. Cant wait to see him do some run ins on wwe tv. Fingers crossed. Fun show.

You had to go there with the US Title :roll_eyes: haha!
Fair enough and you’re not wrong I just always view main roster as WORLDwide whereas this is very clearly a UK/European brand. Idk it stuck me kinda funny and I’m curious to hear from our UK experts.

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