NXT UK TakeOver: Blackpool POST Show w/ Martin Bushby, Benno & Joe Lemon

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Martin & Benno are joined by Joe Lemon from Spotlight on The Indy Corner to review the first ever NXT UK TakeOver from Blackpool, England. They talk their favourite moments from the show, what worked and what didn’t.

They also take your feedback from the POST Wrestling Forum and discuss the opening of the NXT UK Performance Center.

Photo Courtesy: WWE/NXT UK

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I thought Coffey had potential years ago in ICW but he has dropped a lot over the last couple of years, plus I’m a little over Pete Dunne. I really don’t like that submission he’s started using and while they have done a good job of putting focus of him being champ for such a long time, it’s mainly due to the fact that they hadn’t done much with him until the last year or so and even then he wasn’t defending it every month or every other month.

Man these guys are such downers, really hard listen.

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I had the same problem. Gave up after ten min.

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a lot of negativity to this main event. Granted i thought it started slow, but, once they got their groove it became this hard hitting and grueling match up. Both Dunne and Coffey were exhausted but kept going, there in lies the story of the main event. They told this long grueling match where both competitors were giving their all and their energy was spent, but, kept on going. The length kept my attention along with the near falls. Kind of unfortunate how Coffey was treated after the match with Walter’s kick to literally & figuratively kick him out of the title picture

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I didnt mind Martin or Benno, but Joe Lemon was just horrible and I hope to never hear him on a podcast again.

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Man, Joe Lemon is the worst kind of fan. So focussed on discussing booking ideas and showing off his insider terms that he barely reviews the match itself. Came off embarrassingly try-hard.

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Disagree with both above posts.
Good to have a different opinion.
And mainly cos I agree with him about the Balor Devitt booking.

And he’s seriously knowledgeable on the UK Indy scene so I’d say he’s a good addition.

More Joe!

It was painfully obvious how anti-WWE he was. He clearly resents them taking on the UK Indy scene, he couldn’t be an impartial consumer of the show on Saturday. I enjoyed the show despite this though as differing voices can be a good thing.

Gave up on anything involving these guys last year. Just not my style of podcast/personality.

All very knowledgable, just don’t like they way they present themselves.

Not so much they, and especially Joe, have different opinions. That’s fine. Just think the way they present them results in gatekeeping. I appreciate they’ve been immersed in this scene for years and don’t like that WWE is trying to change and potentially monopolise it, but I think they should take into consideration they’re talking to an audience that the majority doesn’t live in the UK and/or is new to this scene.

Using your knowledge and experience to inform is one thing, but I turned the show off completely during feedback when I heard, I think, Joe dismissively and patronisingly let out a loud “Jesus” because someone dares to like Gallus. Way to make us want to take part guys.

Just as a follow up post, perhaps for the next NXT UK Takeover post show, instead of getting on someone that shares their views of WWE UK, they should seek the opinions of an outsider to the UK wrestling scene.

Someone like Wai would be really ideal, he’s more than knowledgeable enough about pro wrestling in general to offer an informed opinion on the show, and Martin and Benno can add context to his opinions whilst informing their own about what a North American listener might like/dislike about WWE’s take on the UK scene.

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Absolutely agree with having Wait of Braden and Davie.
But I still think it’s important to have a voice from the location they are taping in.
Plus there is something to be said for being unhappy with a thriving Indy scene being taken over (no pun intended) by the wwe.
And by “Indy” I don’t mean 100 to 200 people. These shows and feds are pretty big and have a very healthy following.