Official confirmation of new series of World of Sport on ITV

ITV has commissioned a new 10-part wrestling series from ITV Studios Entertainment.

WOS Wrestling (10 x ‘60) will be jam-packed with the UK’s top names in the sport, competing in a fun-filled evening of family sports entertainment.

Recorded in front of a live audience at studios in Norwich, fans will get to see some of the finest pro wrestlers compete in various, intense bouts. At the end of each show, only one will get to take home the coveted WOS Wrestling Championship belt.

Plus, backstage interviews between rounds will deliver news on what the wrestling stars are thinking - be it elation or frustration.

Tom McLennan, Creative Director, ITV Studios Entertainment said

“There is a massive indie wrestling scene in the UK and a strong nostalgia for the wrestling shows of our youth. WOS Wrestling will combine the best of the past with incredible talent available today to make a fun, exciting and thrilling show that the whole family can enjoy.”

WOS Wrestling is an ITV Studios Entertainment commission for ITV. It was commissioned by Jane Beacon and Clare Ely.

Audience tickets are available through


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I don’t understand the desire to bring back WOS. Its been off the air for around 30 years, most of the fans who are watching progress, rev pro etc don’t remember the original run so I’m not sure why there’d be this nostalgia for it?
The episode that aired last Xmas wasn’t great either – the tone felt wrong and the talent on the show wasn’t the best either.
I hope it does work for them but I can’t see this being anything other than a flop.


I agree, and don’t see the point of the show if they can’t/won’t do anything that isn’t already being done with other promotions, including WWE’s NXT brand.

You already have “pure sport” wrestling showcases with Progress and RevPro, hybrid shows like NXT and ROH, and modern variety shows in main-roster WWE and Impact. That’s in addition to the various lucha, hardcore, and other styles of wrestling made widely accessible through the Internet and regional TV.

There just isn’t a place for a revival of an old brand that styles itself after catch wrestling, especially when other promotions are already featuring it in some capacity, and with established names.

I agree with everything you said - WoS is kinda redundant in 2018.

The thing that annoyed me with the pilot was the style of wrestling - it was nothing like the original WoS! No rounds, little technical wrestling…it was just like bad ‘American style’ wrestling. When promoters in the UK try to mimic sports entertainment/US style wrestling, it usually fails.

I’m not sure if ITV’s audience have the patience for the old WoS sport style (or anything that isn’t Emmerdale :grinning:) but I’d go back to the old style…no ladders, few promos. Bring back weight classes and have feuds based around the divisional titles.

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That would probably help older people after a nostalgia kick, but yeah, the audience in general probably wouldn’t have the patience for that.

I’d certainly prefer to see an old style WOS style show than the WWE style pilot but I don’t think it’d work. With WWE being so insanely dominant (especially with kids) anything too different will probably turn off younger/more casual viewers. But as @MaxMikado said, there’s already enough other promotions doing stuff like that already.

Yeah, I think it would be a struggle for ITV to succeed truthfully. Not sure why are bringing it back.

To be honest, I watched the reboot episode they did and was not a fan. It seemed like they rammed in a month’s of TV in one episode. Plus side is that it would be another avenue for the guys to get paid.

That pilot was the worst thing i’ve seen in a long time. Won’t even give this a glance.

Wasn’t the previous show partially produced by TNA? It certainly felt like it when you look at the random as fuck booking.

I’m willing to give this a shot if the booking team has been changed and they decide to pretend like they never aired that last show. It’s just a shame they’ve decided to do this now, after WWE signed Zack Gibson to a deal. There’s very little top tier UK talent left that’s not either on an WWE UK deal or working a RevPro/NJPW contract. Might force them to actually create stars themselves though, which could be very cool. If nothing else, it’ll be nice to have British wrestling on TV again.

I was reminded that Grado is their champion after the pilot. The UK still has a very strong talent pool but you’re right in terms of all the potential stars are kind of signed with WWE right now. If I’m ITV and I’m looking for a guy to build around, I’d honestly go for Joe Coffey. He’s got a good look, can cut promos and is fantastic in the ring.