Omega, Bucks and Hangman re-sign with AEW

I know there were several around here who thought they’d leave. Anyway, here’s the latest news on the matter!

Ugh. Don’t care about the Bucks but kind of wanted Omega in WWE for some big matches with Rollins and Cody and Roman etc.

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I think Hangman fits the WWE prototype physically, he’s still relatively young, and can more than carry himself on the mic. I don’t think he made the wrong decision, but I think he would have had massive upside if he made the leap.

I don’t see the Bucks ever working in WWE so this was pretty obvious. Let’s hope they agreed to work with Punk because finally getting that would be a big boost for AEW.

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I do believe this to be true as it seemed inevidable, but why aren’t any of the major sites exporting it? Nothing from post, pwimsider, Meltzer etc. Is this legit? Or is this like when everyone reported Saudi Arabia bought WWE?

Buck will likely never jump but I though there was a slim chance omega would jump, though as soon as Vince came back I figured that wasn’t going to happen.

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This was first reported by an in depth article by Sports Illustrated. It contains comments from all involved.

This is nothing like the Saudi Arabia rumour.

I think its fair to say that’ a reliable source :rofl:

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In fairness, when the Saudi news was reported everyone was talking about it as if it was fact as well. You never know with wrestling. But ya, clearly this is real.

You don’t see Sports Illustrated as a reliable source?

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Weird thread when the first response starts with “Ugh.”

Good news for all involved. Puts a lot of talk to rest. Shows that these guys care about what they do and their time with their families.


I have no issue with SI.

I dont see it as weird, I agree with Alex. Maybe a lot of fans here are too young to remember the MNW, but for me when people jumped it was the best thing about the era. Nash/Hall to WCW, X-Pac to WWF, etc. It creates an excitement, a buzz, and freshness to both products.

In hindsight, look how much Cody going to WWE enhanced the WWE product as well as Cody’s career. Look how much Brian Danielson jumping enhanced AEW and his career. I want guys to jump, I dont want the same roster on both sides for years and years to come.

I guess if you look at it from the standpoint of a tribal fan who loves one hates the other you want to see all “your guys stay” and “the other guys to come over” but as someone who enjoys both shows, I want to see big names jump and I completely understand Alex not being happy that 4 core people are all going to be staying put long term. Plus, TBH I wanted to see what Omega could have done in WWE, I think he would have made it there, though I get the skepticism of those that don’t think he could.

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I wanted a new spot for Omega and Hangman and see them with a fresh coat of paint in the WWE. I was sad to see them play it safe and stay where it’s all friends wrestling.

Wish they took the chance Cody did and tried the big time. Would have loved Omega vs Roman.

Don’t agree with me? Good for you

So just to be clear, I’m not a tribal fan. I watch both companies too and want them to do well. I was also watching during the Monday Night Wars.

Omega taking a chance in WWE would have been great, but unlike Cody Rhodes, he has no history with the company, so it’s a risk. Same with Hangman. The landscape of AEW changes up enough that I can see new things coming for most of the stars.

Maybe I just took the good doctor’s use of “Ugh” too harshly.


I agree with all this. I totally see why they didn’t jump, but in the case of Omega I really do think he could have made the jump and been a huge success. With that said, I understand why he would be hesitant as long as Vince is alive as that man is so unpredictable you just never know if or when he is going to interject creatively and what he will do. I do think though for him to cement his legacy to the masses as one of the GOATS, he needs a WWE run. The anti WWE crown will disagree, I’m sure, but to the average WWE fan, they likely don’t even know who Omega is.

Hopefully one day he has a run and its not when he’s 55 years old like Sting.

Very valid he doesn’t have that history.

However, I feel like he could’ve made it there and it would’ve been nice to see him get some of those matches with those WWE guys. Nonetheless, I’m sure he’ll have more fun in AEW maybe that’s what he is about at this stage.